Corrie’s Rovers Return arrives on Airbnb to spend the night

There’s a chance to vacation in Manchester‘s most iconic pub – after a list for the return of the Coronation Street Rovers appeared on Airbnb.

The listing on the accommodation site appeared on Tuesday morning, under the label “Spend a night on Coronation Street” offering a “whole guest suite hosted by Rovers Return Inn” which will cost £ 60.

Unfortunately, this is for one night only, but the stay will go on sale like any other Airbnb listing on May 26th at 1pm.

The soap bosses have partnered with Airbnb for the Single Listing to celebrate the reopening of indoor pubs this week after the lockdown restrictions were eased – and the money will go to charity.

Coronation Street says it will open the Cobbles to two guests for one night only on October 2, giving superfans the chance to immerse themselves in the iconic location and adopt the Rovers Return as their next door neighbor for the evening while they stay at ‘The Rovers Annex’.

The Rovers annex goes on Airbnb

The stand-alone pop-up house, with its red brick facade and double-glazed windows, will be located in the heart of the street, next to the famous Rovers Return Inn.

During the stay, guests will participate in a private tour of the ensemble followed by a hot dinner in the annex while watching classic episodes of Corrie, and if they’re lucky, a pint in the Rovers and the Roy’s Rolls breakfast may be offered.

The view from ‘The Rovers’ Annex’ overlooks Audrey’s and a little further on Preston’s Petals and the kebab shop.

As guests stroll down the street, they’ll walk past Fiz and Tyrone, peek out Kabin’s window, or wander down Victoria Street to check out Speed ​​Daal’s menu and see this. that Alya did.

Views of Coronation Street for the happy guests

While interior decors are closed, guests will be able to wander Coronation, Rosamund, and Victoria Street at their leisure.

They can even wander the ginnel, the site of many of Corrie’s secret dates.

The specially constructed temporary annex has been furnished in the classic Coronation Street style, taking inspiration from the decor of the Rovers Return B&B.

Guests will enjoy a comfortable lounge to relax in, with an homage to Jenny Connors wood paneling and patterned wallpaper.

In the annex of the Rovers

The living room has a dining table where you can sit and enjoy your hotpot. The adjoining twin bedroom offers comfortable bedding and stunning views of Weatherfield.

In the center of the lounge, guests will find a television with hours of Coronation Street’s most beloved episodes over the years.

Fans will be able to watch the ’80s Affair – Deirdre Barlow’s date with Mike Baldwin – the disastrous streetcar crash ten years ago and the classic moment last year when David Platt discovers a sinkhole in his backyard back.

For a truly authentic experience, guests will enjoy all their favorite soap moments, sitting in the heart of the street.

Room inside the Rovers Annex

Continuing Drama Head John Whiston said, “What Coronation Street fan hasn’t had a dream where you find yourself transported into the show itself, wandering the homes of your most beloved characters?

“I certainly did. This unique stay gives you the chance to do just that, spend the night and wake up right next to The Rovers Return.

“What better way to celebrate Britain’s opening again than your own time on the country’s favorite street.”

Corrie posted the annex to the Rovers Return on Airbnb

Amanda Cupples, Managing Director Northern Europe at Airbnb, comments: “As restrictions start to ease and Britons plan summer stays, Airbnb remains committed to helping people find travel experiences. unique and unforgettable in the UK.

“Being the first person to stay on the nation’s most beloved street is a dream come true for any Corrie fan and a unique way to spend time with a friend or family member.”

To view the “Rovers Annex” list on Airbnb, visit

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