Costco promises this combo meal will stay at $1.50 forever

At a time when the cost of everything from groceries to rent to utilities is skyrocketing, Costco has announced a deal that sounds too crazy to be true.

Their hot dog combo meal of a 1/4 pound beef hot dog and a 20 ounce soda, including a free refill, is $1.50. The price has remained the same since 1985.

If that’s not crazy enough already, Costco’s CFO has sworn the price of their signature combo will never, ever go up. Like never. Never.


How is it possible?

Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti says:

“Some companies that are doing well with the margin… these things help us be more aggressive in other areas, or, as you mentioned, keep the price of the hot dog and soda a little longer – for all time.”

He made the vow during the company’s fourth quarter earnings call according to CNBC.

CEO Craig Jelinek said much the same thing in July.

So let’s clear things up. They say the plan is to keep that perfect Costco comfort food of a $1.50 hot dog and soda forever. When your child who is now in a crib graduates, it will still be $1.50. When Taylor Swift gets older than Bruce Springsteen, it will still be $1.50. When we have flying cars, it will always be $1.50.

And if you’re thinking, meh, how good can a Costco hot dog be? Uh, have you ever had one? It’s tasty, not lean, hearty, delicious. I have never seen the Costco food court not busy. They are clearly doing something right.

And at this price forever? Now, I’m not saying you want to have that every night, but think about it. If you’re a struggling college student and need to make every penny count, you can technically have dinner every night for a month for just $45.

It reminds me of my rough first year in radio where my roommate and I worked at a small market station doing next to nothing and we stretched it by splitting a box of Kraft mac and cheese for dinner something like four nights a week. If there had been a Costco around you, it would have been dinner for the other three.

And hey, after the ridiculously low price of $1.50 for a hot dog and a refillable soda, if you want dessert, you know there will be free samples of something nearby. I’m just saying.

There are over 20 Costcos in the Garden State. Here is a list.

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