Couple say Airbnb host expected them to strip beds, vacuum and do chores, plus other stories of people no longer using the service

Recently, a An Airbnb host complained about low bookings over the past few months, and it has opened up a flurry of comments from disgruntled past guests.

En masse, people started sharing all the reasons they gave up booking Airbnbs, including members of our own. BuzzFeed Community. Reasonings ranged from overpriced cleaning fees to security, low accommodation rates and everything in between. Here is what they said:

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

1.“My husband and I only do hotels now. Airbnb hosts have gotten so ridiculous with their prices and expectations, we may as well stay home. The last one we went to wanted $5 more per person for use of the hot tub and they had cameras in the back.”

“No one used the hot tub during our stay, AT ALL, and a $40 hot tub usage fee appeared on the tab. Oh my uncle was pissed and he fought and They claimed someone sat on the stairs for over three hours and that justified the charge.


2.“A while ago I stayed at an Airbnb during professional training. I dumped my stuff and headed for training. It was medical so as soon as I got home I went to take a shower. That’s when I noticed the camera in the bedroom which definitely captured both the bed and the shower.”

The little red head that could

3.“I live in a town that’s a gateway to Yosemite. At the nearby lake, 75% of the houses are short-term rentals.”

“In my town, we have over 300 short-term rentals. Businesses are hurting because they can’t find workers. With gas prices, people don’t want to commute 40 miles, 80 miles one way -return, for minimum wage. This is a serious problem.”


4.“I loved Airbnb Pre-COVID and usually rented a room for myself while traveling around Europe. I met some great hosts and neighbors, some of whom I keep in touch with to this day, and I couldn’t imagine going back to a Coupé hotel this year when I wanted to rent accommodation in Krakow, Poland and 99% of the listings below €100 were the same cookie-cutter studios that Ikea vomited up .”

“Most all belonged to the same host. Some of them are in 19th or early 20th century buildings, but you can’t tell because each apartment has been flipped to look the same. And the three places that I rented before COVID were taken from the website This is Airbnb 2022 for you.

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5.“Over the past few months, I have noticed an increase in groups of people walking around my rental community with suitcases, looking like big tourists. During the summer months, I couldn’t use any of the amenities of the community because people I had never seen before were congregating in our gym, pool, BBQ area, etc.”

“I pay $2,000 a month for a one bedroom apartment and I could NEVER use our amenities. I asked the community what was going on one day and they just said they don’t know. They were happy that people are finally using the amenities.

I went on VRBO and Airbnb and found a woman who had 12 ADs in our community. 12 FUCKING ADS!!! I was furious and went to the rental office because this is against our lease and they immediately canceled all of his leases.”



“I once let in the tenants from the previous week while we were having dinner because they forgot to ‘get their food and beer’.”


seven.“I used to love Airbnb because I had a kitchen and I love to cook. But now the cost of staying has gone up so much and I don’t feel so safe anymore.”

“Especially when it comes to leaving my personal belongings or my confidential belongings. I feel more protected again in a hotel.”


8.“I felt super unsafe as a female tenant.”

“I was harassed online three times by the people I was renting from and found myself in many shady situations.”


9.“I used to stay almost exclusively with Airbnbs when I was a frequent traveler in the 2010s. Cheap, private, and much more intimate than hotels. Now I’m kicked out of my coastal community in part because of them.”

“It’s not that I can afford to travel, but when I do, they’re just hotels for me.”


ten.“Hotels charge so much for suites, so I’ve turned to companies like Airbnb and VRBO to help a large family like mine. For the most part, our experiences have been good. But lately, especially since COVID has become one thing, I saw more cleaning fees.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem if I had little or no cleaning to do myself. I don’t mind taking out our trash or washing the dishes I use. I shouldn’t have to start a laundry , stripping beds, vacuuming, etc.”


11.“I won’t be using Airbnb. It’s disgusting to see empty apartments, condos and cottages waiting to be booked while people are living in tents.”


12.“I’ve always only used hotels, and I will stick to hotels. And all hotel cleaning and concierge services are included in the price quoted.”

“They often have restaurants attached so you don’t have to cook, and I’m not asked to clean the room and still pay for a cleaning. And Airbnbs are often as expensive as hotels and you get less service for that.'”


13.“I hate hidden fees. A house will be listed at around $500 a night for five bedrooms, and then if you increase the number of guests or pets, it will increase.”


14.“It was hard enjoying our Airbnb cabin in the woods when the host was watching us on his outside cameras and reporting things he didn’t like us doing.”

“We stayed up late, drank and used the fire pit late at night – none of that was against the policy. But he made me not want to go out at all because we knew he would be watching us.”


15.“It used to be a good idea, especially if you wanted to take a trip with a large group, but now they’re demanding too much AND adding crazy rules. One place banned partying. I was trying to book for a trip between bachelors!”


Now I’m curious – do you have any nightmarish short term rental stories? If you feel comfortable sharing, let me know in the comments.

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