COVID updates: PM announces disruption in vaccine rollout following AstraZeneca blood clot issues – as happened

Regular blogger Jess Riga has compiled a roundup of ten key moments from tonight’s press conference. Here are his top five:

From PM

“We’ve had our successes over the past year, but we’ve also had our setbacks, and we have indeed had our sorrows too. Tonight, we were advised by ATAGI (Australian Vaccination Technical Advisory Group) over the last 15 minutes, and we thought it was important that we came to brief you on this this evening so that it would be immediately available to Australians. “

CHO Paul Kelly

“ATAGI’s recommendations are as follows: At present, the use of Pfizer vaccine preferred over AstraZeneca vaccine in adults under 50 who have not yet received a first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. “

Secretary of the Department of Health, Professor Brendan Murphy

All vaccines have side effects. Some serious. Flu shots do. The Pfizer vaccine carries a risk of anaphylaxis, which we have seen. But this syndrome, after all the work we have done with the UK and Europe, seems like a real syndrome, and we now think that, with great caution, given that this syndrome seems to occur mainly in younger people for whom the risk of severe COVID is not so great, that there is a basis for having a preferred recommendation for those under 50. “

“I would like to reiterate that we strongly encourage people 50 and over to adopt the AstraZeneca vaccine. It is a very effective vaccine in preventing severe COVIDs. The risk is extraordinarily low. I had my first dose. I will have my second dose. “

Health Minister Greg Hunt:

“We have a strong and clear immunization program that will past 1 million people during today, and will continue in particular in the group over 50, which will not be affected. “

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