Dating During COVID Looks Far Different After Locks, Bumble Says

The pandemic has not only changed the way Canadians live – it has apparently also changed the way they love. According to a recent survey of nearly 1,000 Canadians who use the Bumble dating app, the Canucks are leaving confinement with more lust than ever before.

Bumble says 56% of Canadians surveyed seek to be more sexually active when dating during COVID-19, one of the many changes in the way singles across the country now approach their love lives.

With plenty of time alone in the past year, 45% of Canadian respondents feel more confident about what to expect from their potential partner, Bumble says.

Taking into account responses from around the world, Bumble says 20% of respondents plan to express their sexuality differently than a year ago, and apparently men are more open to sexual experimentation than women.

Finally, 14% of Canadian Bumble users say they “take more ownership of their sexual pleasure” – perhaps because they have been solely responsible for this sort of thing for a year.

Dating and relationship coach Nicole Haley told Narcity that people attending pandemic dating tend to take things more slowly and take the time to get to know someone – a sentiment confirmed by responses to Bumble poll.

“People in our community are not in a rush to casually connect, but rather [are] looking for something more meaningful, “said Clare O’Connor, head of editorial content at Bumble, in a press release.” They are more intentional when interacting with potential partners and focus on compatibility . “

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