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The district attorney launches a hit-and-run case against a former city councilman. Kevin Felder, who represented South Dallas and Fair Park, was indicted by a grand jury in 2019 for failing to stop and render assistance after he said he hit a teenager on a scooter and fled . The public prosecutor on Thursday fired this charge without offering any comment. Felder said there was no wreckage, but that didn’t stop the show. Former Dallas PD leader U. Reneé Hall had Felder’s car towed during an offsite city council meeting. The police kept him for 10 months during the investigation. Felder says it was all politically motivated. (And I have to make a connection to reporters chasing him and crashing into the garage at City Hall.)

Dallas is considering regulating STRs as hotels. STRs are short-term rentals, your Airbnbs and VRBOs. The city is trying to control them, and the council recommended defining them as hotels. This gives the city a lot of control over where properties can operate, potentially excluding them from single-family residences.

It is unclear who will investigate the Council memo. Mayor Pro Tem Chad West is one of three council members who filed a memo asking for an investigation into how a memo was allegedly filed without his permission. They signed a memo calling for a performance review of the city manager, which turned into two other memos suggesting the city manager could be fired. West says he didn’t give consent to the mayor’s office to file that first memo and wants the matter explored. The New try to understand who will actually investigate, but no one from the city has responded.

We are in a hot summer. North Texas typically gets about 20 triple-digit days each summer. May had 20 days in the 90s, making it the fifth hottest May on record. Our first 100 degree day came on June 11, three full weeks before last year’s on July 1. WFAA performed the indicators and determined that this summer will be hot but unlikely to challenge 2011, when we had 40 consecutive triple-digit days.


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