Dentist explains why you should brush your teeth before eating breakfast – never the other way around

Whether you brush your teeth before or after breakfast is a debate that divides those who practice good oral hygiene across the world.

But a dentist has finally set the record straight.

Posting on TikTok, dental therapist Anna Peterson uploaded a video explaining that it’s crucial to always brush your teeth before eating breakfast, as doing it the other way around can damage your enamel. your teeth.

She said, “Did you know you shouldn’t brush your teeth after breakfast, always before?”

” There are two reasons for this.

“When you have breakfast your mouth becomes acidic, so what you do when you brush your teeth after breakfast is brush the acid into the tooth and it wears down the enamel.

“And brushing before breakfast protects your teeth from whatever you’re going to eat. “

Her video has since been viewed over 819,000 times and garnered over 36,000 likes.

Commenting on him, some people ignored his advice. One person said, “I don’t like mint cereal …”

Someone else wrote, “Not all dentists agree on this. Some dentists say it’s fine as long as you go 30 minutes after eating / drinking.

But others were grateful. One said, “Thank you. I always brush immediately after waking up.

Another asked, “Why doesn’t anyone tell you that?” I never heard anything about personal care when I was in school.

Another user who wears Invisalign braces pointed out that he should “brush after eating” before putting his invisalign back in his mouth.

It is assumed that the debate is not quite resolved, then. If you want to take a look at the tips yourself, You can do it here.

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