Dentist Steven Lubbe shook his hand over the mouth of a 9-year-old during root canal treatment, says mom Tracy

A mother in Virginia says a dentist subdued her screaming daughter during root canal treatment not with soothing words or sedatives, but with a much more physical approach: by squeezing her hand over the child’s mouth. 9 years old and ordering him to stop crying. Tracy Sikes told local station ABC 8: “When I hear a grown man put his hand over my daughter’s mouth when she is in pain and upset, of course it brings out the mom bear. . ” Sikes has learned that dentist Dr Steven Lubbe, who has previously been accused of using excessive force on a pediatric patient, also instructed his assistants to restrain his daughter Emily’s arms during the procedure. Sikes and her child had gone to Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics of Virginia in Chesterfield to have a cap placed on one of Emily’s molars. The mom filed a complaint with the state Department of Health Professions. The technique has a descriptive clinical name: “hand over mouth” and dentists in several states, including Virginia, still consider it an acceptable maneuver, although the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry does not consider it.

The dentist’s office issued a statement: “Patient privacy laws do not allow us to comment on a specific situation, but our pediatric patients are offered a variety of soothing options. If a patient was upset, we immediately stop the cleanse or procedure.

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