Depending on your vibe, here are the places in Dallas to visit before summer is over.

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The Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is ready for those who love high technology.

Scott tucker

Summer is drawing to a close over the next few weeks, and the people of Dallas don’t want to miss the opportunity to relax and enjoy all the perks that the city has to offer during this special time of the year. year. However, the activities might look different depending on your personal vibes, so we’ve put together a list based on your mood. Here are 10 things to do in Dallas, depending on what type of person you think you are.

For the retro-cinephile with Christian-Slater-in-True romance Vibrations
Tuesday night rubbish at the Texas Theater

231 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Settle in for a bucket of buttery popcorn, Reece’s Pieces and a Big Boy PBR. Where else can this tasty trio jerk off so well? Texas Theater’s Tuesday Night Trash series is a must-see for alternative movie buffs. Whether you choose the years 1968 she-mob, Friday 13th VII, or POP CORN (which plays August 3), you’ll be able to gauge exactly how relaxing your office date really is during a cinematic date at this historic Oak Cliff landmark.

For the subscriber to Art Forum
Olivier Françoise Gallery
3715 Parry Avenue
Located in Fair Park and tucked away where the Reading Room once resided, OFG is exactly the kind of art gallery Dallas desperately needs. Recently reopened after the owner took a Big D sabbatical in favor of Europe, OFG is somewhat of an outlier for a non-coastal town. With an emphasis on experimental art, the gallery prides itself on presenting works that you would be hard pressed to see elsewhere.

For the pensive reader who appreciates personal space and delicious coffee
Fictional coffee in the Continental Gin Building
1623 N. Hall St.
If Frasier and Niles Crane lived in Deep Ellum, Cafe Fiction would serve them their oat milk latte seven days a week as they admire the beautiful and spacious cafe with chic furnishings, quiet nooks and a bathroom that looks like something out of a Ralph Lauren catalog. Plan to spend an entire afternoon here with your copy of Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance and your phone turned on silently.

For the Ex-Emo who became Urban Cowboy
Charlie’s Star Lounge
4319 Main Street
Swapping out the men’s liner for a great pair of python boots all those years ago wasn’t such a bad idea, right? Now that you’ve left the Jägermeister to join the Dickel, you need the right place to call your drinking house. Charlie’s Star Lounge is the place to be. The new bar has great drinks, great staff, and if you don’t mind being seen with a pink iced drink at a bar, the cherry iced lime is heavenly on a hot summer night.

For all American
Texas Rangers at Globe Life Field
734 Stadium Drive, Arlington
Who doesn’t love a summer baseball game? Hot dogs, nachos and beer … need we say more? Take the family, make an appointment, take your mom or take it yourself; it’s baseball season in Texas. If you’re really in the mood for some fun, grab the $ 26 boomstick and revel in the two feet of chili, cheese, and onion goodness. Tums not included with ticket purchase.

For fish, sun and other water signs
Fraternal Order of Eagles
8500 Arturo Drive
One of the last untouched gems in east Dallas, FOE looks like an adult summer camp, though there are kids in it too. But when the huge pool closes at 9 p.m., the kids retire and the bar goes into 1970s party mode for a full two hours!

For the commuter
Heritage West
5908, headquarters promenade, Plano
You lived in downtown Dallas ten years ago, but decided it was time to settle down and move north after you got a better job and got married. You like to drive the wide, smooth suburban streets and don’t want to deal with beggars every time you fancy a Big Mac or go out for a drink. The new Legacy West is your favorite spot. With new streets, fancy cars, and a Starbucks so huge that Big Tex could step in for a Cup of Joe, they’re here for you. Besides, where to find another Tommy Bahama restaurant? Yes, it is a real thing.

For the city dweller with the deep roots of the suburbs
Kura revolving sushi bar
Locations in Carrollton, Frisco and Plano
Instead of paying too much for three M & Ms-sized pieces of fish on Frisbee-sized plates, how about some of the highest quality sashimi presented on tiny plates that revolve around everything? Restaurant ? Take what you choose and pay per plate at the end. The fish is so fresh that it makes the trip up to US $ 75 manageable. Reminder: 75 is already crazy enough; don’t text or drive!

For unsociable people who decide to be sociable for a weekend
A friend named Trevor’s Lake House
Ask Trevor for the address
Reconnect with old friends who you haven’t spent time with in the past year. Play sardines, an adult version of hide and seek, after a few hours of drinks around the kitchen bar. Go fishing at night and fight with your partner over who is cooking and who does the dishes. A couples sleepover by the lake is the perfect remedy for a lousy summer weekend.

For the Anti-Vaxxer:
Walgreens, CVS or Walmart
Various places
No, seriously… they’re free!

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