Designer Raquel Allegra has created her dream ranch in New Mexico, and it’s on Airbnb

Allegra spent eight months repairing the property, which had fallen into disrepair over the past two decades. She added appropriate flooring to the floor, half of which was just plywood. She fixed a leaking roof, then updated the heating and lighting system. She researched furniture, sourcing most of the pieces from Craigslist and Nextdoor listings, including a pair of Ozian emerald chairs and a vintage gold mirror. “It was like a giant treasure hunt. Miraculously, when the moving truck arrived in Taos, everything had an obvious and perfect place, ”she says. Vogue. The aura of each piece of Many Feathers, explains Allegra, is constantly changing. “There are so many large windows that natural light changes shape in every room throughout the day. “

The fashion designer likens Many Feathers to her own wellness retreat: “I can spend hours sitting and watching the light play and twinkle on the aspen leaves in the front yard, or stretch out on the rocks. giant sun-heated swimming pools by the river, ”she says of the five-acre property. (Although it looks a lot bigger than that: luckily the plot next to it is protected land where no buildings can be erected.) Right now, Allegra is exploring creating her own flower farm and the trout breeding.

The exterior of a lot of feathers.Photo: by Margo Ducharme
The property’s pond.Photo: by Margo Ducharme

Since running her eponymous clothing line in Los Angeles, she knew she couldn’t live full time at Many Feathers. Allegra therefore made the decision to list the property on Airbnb. “This house and this property are not meant to be private. He has so many important natural gifts to offer and deserves to be shared, ”she says. “My dream for this property is that it helps soften the edges of its visitors and reminds those who have lived in cities, feeling exhausted from traffic on highways and subways, that Mother Nature is here to bring joy. healing. “

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