Details revealed during the Monday night drive-through shoot in Lubbock

Details surrounding the shooting death of Seattle Salazar, 39, on Monday, August 9, have been revealed.

Lubbock Police initially received a call to report shots fired in the 1600 block of U Avenue. This call arrived at around 11:30 p.m.

Upon arrival, officers found Salazar on the roadway, dead from an apparent drive-by shooting.

A witness at the scene said he saw an SUV circling the area before the shooting. KAMC News reports that surveillance video was used to locate this SUV, which ultimately led to officers speaking with the driver.

The driver told police he picked up the suspect, Tazmin Paul, 21, at work. Paul would have kept saying that someone was following him.

The driver was heading west when he pulled up to a stop sign in the area, and that’s when Paul allegedly pulled out a pistol and fired several shots. The driver would have continued west, then turned south on the next street. Then the driver told Paul to get out of the car.

Police were able to locate shell casings in the SUV that matched shell casings found at the scene as well as text messages in which the driver and Paul discussed the shooting.

Prosecutors are asking that Paul’s bail be set at $ 500,000.


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