Did you know that your phone secretly monitors your passwords?

In 2021, your phone can do it all. Before I could only make and receive calls, then they added a camera. Now your phone is possibly the most important device in your life.


The first mobile phone with camera, sold to the general public, was the Kyocera VP-210, released in May 1999.

One of the best, but riskiest, features of an iPhone (in my opinion) is its ability to save all of your login username / password information. I can’t even remember the phone numbers, but even though I bounce between a handful of passwords, I never remember what works with it. Am I alone in this case?

Yes, I said it was risky. Yes, I know you can hyper-lock your phone with pins, your face, and your fingerprints, but with the number of savvy hackers, your phone is not 100% secure.

But, even with all the risks, iPhones do a great job of keeping your device as secure as possible. In fact, this morning I saw an alert that I had never seen before and I’m not even mad at it.


The alert was titled “Safety Recommendation”. caught my attention this morning. At first I thought, “This is wrong. But I noticed that it was delivered by Apple, so I wentogle it to make sure it wasn’t a phishing attempt. It was legit and is part of a recent update to iPhones.

After pressing the alert, it lists the websites and includes: “This password appeared in a data breach …“, followed by the option to change the password for this website / account.

[h/t Android Authority]

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