Dinosaurs set to be released in South Leeds parks

Children are encouraged to walk among dinosaurs this summer in South Leeds parks, with help from the Love Exploring app.

Leeds City Council is launching the app to help change the way people enjoy parks in Leeds for years to come. Using augmented reality, the application will bring to life the city’s parks and places, populating them with interactive dinosaurs and walking trails.

Designed for all ages, the Love Exploring app is designed to engage adults and children in their local parks and green spaces, inspiring them to get out and be active.

The app was introduced after city-wide research showed people want to be active, but environmental barriers like cost, lack of transportation, or lack of equipment often get in the way.

Free to download and easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone, the Love Exploring app will allow residents to connect in a unique and engaging way with their local green spaces and build the habit of walking that will help them stay active for the long haul. term.

Dinosaur Safaris will be available from tomorrow (23 July 2021) at Cross Flatts and Middleton Parks as well as the Leeds seafront, just in time for the summer holidays. With more parks to add to help everyone in Leeds discover more of their local outdoor space and keep the whole city active.

Speaking in favor of the Love Exploring app, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee said:

“Supporting the opportunities for children and young people to lead more active lives is something we really care about, and Leeds as a city is doing more than ever to increase opportunities for physical activity”.

“Love Exploring is another innovative example of how we can encourage children and families in green spaces to be active with their friends and family.”

“With the many restrictions placed on people’s lives, it will be great to see people get active and improve their health and well-being while having fun in local spaces. The Brownlee Foundation is committed to helping young people lead more active lives and helping them reach their full potential ”.

Cllr Salma Arif, Executive Member of Leeds City Council for Public Health and Active Lifestyles, said:

I am so excited about the launch of the Love Exploring app, not only for using it personally as I explore some of Leeds’ amazing parks, but also for the health benefits it will bring to families all over the city. . Making people active and healthy is crucial in addressing health inequalities, especially as we recover from the pandemic. “

Tom Matthews, the creator of the Love Exploring app, said:

As a father, I am always looking for good activities that we can do as a family. Parks have so many stories to tell, but they are not always easy to discover. The Love Exploring app finds out the stories, then presents them in a way that everyone can enjoy.

“I wanted to make sure Love Exploring was an app that kids and adults could engage with. Whether you’re a kid looking for fun and games such as a scavenger hunt or hide-and-seek, or you’re an adult who just wants to explore the history of your local park and its nature trails, our app brings the park to life through sounds and games, taking you on a visual and immersive journey, all from the palm of your hand.

For more information on the Love Exploring app and how you can get involved this summer, please visit bit.ly/LoveExploreLeeds.

This article is based on a press release issued by Leeds City Council

Photos: Children test the app at Cross Flatts Park earlier this week

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