Dirtiest part of your bathroom, study reveals – results may surprise you

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(StudyFinds.org) – A dirty and disgusting bathroom is enough to make anyone squirm, but which place really is the dirtiest? New study finds it’s not the toilet and it’s not the sink. Probably the most sprouted place in your bathroom is where you hang your towels!

A study and a survey, carried out by electric heating specialists Rointe, reveals that the dirtiest area in terms of bacteria and dirt is either a bathroom heater or a towel rack. What’s more, researchers find that these common places where towels hang to dry are among the places people rarely clean by scrubbing the bathroom.

Researchers explain that damp towels are an ideal breeding ground for harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Towel bars and radiators therefore tend to attract a bunch of dust, grime, mold and mildew. All of this can lead to irritated skin and even illnesses for people who don’t clean them thoroughly. breeding grounds for bacteria.

The towel rails are “really dirty”

To see exactly where dirt lives in an average bathroom, Rointe specialists cleaned five entire bathrooms for bacteria. Using color-changing swabs to measure bacteria levels, the team found that 60% of towel rails and heaters fell into the dark purple (or “really dirty”) category. Another 10 percent fell into the “dirty” light purple category.

For comparison, only 10 percent of toilets tested were found to be “really dirty” and 20 percent actually ended up in the green (or “clean”)! The study shows sink plugs rank as the next dirtiest place in a bathroom, with 50 percent of drains classified as “really dirty.”

It’s not all dirt and grime in the bathroom. The study finds that shower heads and sink faucets are the cleanest items in the typical bathroom. Not a single one fell into the “really dirty” category.

With these findings in mind, the researchers recommend that people clean their bathroom radiators and towel rails or railings at least three times a month.

Spotty cleaning habits may be to blame

Although 69% of respondents say the coronavirus pandemic makes them more aware good cleaning techniques, the Rointe team notes that not everyone cleans all areas of their bathroom in the same way.

In a survey of 1,000 UK adults, 11% say they only clean their towel rails once a month. 17% say they clean their bathroom radiator once a month and 7% admit to never cleaning the radiator. Less than three in ten people clean these areas once a week.

Conversely, one in three respondents clean his toilet every day! Another 30 percent clean the tub every week and 26 percent even clean their doorknobs every seven days.

“Bathroom radiators and towel racks should be cleaned at least three times a month. Ideally, you would add your entire bathroom to your weekly cleaning routine. This will allow you to keep germs at bay and make your cleaning sessions shorter on average, ”said Antoaneta Tsocheva, founder of FastKlean, the Southeast’s largest household cleaning company, in a statement.

“In addition to the usual suspects like dust, grime, mold, and mildew, you also need to think about germs and bacteria – the bathroom itself is a humid environment, and so are the towels you hang from your bathroom. radiator or your rail. It’s the perfect environment for microorganisms and bacteria – things you definitely don’t want near your face.

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