Disabled Aberdeen woman in tears after ‘abuse by older couple’ in row of parking lot because she is ‘too young for a blue badge’

A woman in a wheelchair was left in tears after a couple shouted curses at her for parking in a disabled space – because she looked “too young” to be disabled.

The 30-year-old had not even turned off her engine after stopping at the Bridge of Don Retail Park in Aberdeen yesterday when she was challenged because of the blue badge on her windshield.


Disabled woman left Bridge of Don Retail Park in tears after being questioned for parking in designated space

The woman, who needs a wheelchair and can barely walk, was so upset by the ordeal that she left immediately.

Speaking to Fubar News, she said: “After another horrible experience when I parked in the handicapped square of the retail park yesterday where Home Bargains and B&Q are in Bridge of Don.

“I stayed crying and in the end I left without having to eat.

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“A lot of people are lovely, but for those who judge someone and start yelling at us and cursing at us for parking in a disabled spot because we’re young, it’s disgusting.

“I didn’t even have time to turn off my engine before I was mistreated by an older couple.”

The woman, who has not been named, hopes that speaking out will prevent young people with disabilities from being tried or discriminated against if they use designated parking spaces.

The woman had a blue badge on her windshield but was still challenged due to her disability


The woman had a blue badge on her windshield but was still challenged due to her disabilityCredit: Alamy

She added: “I just wanted to stress that being disabled doesn’t mean you have to be a certain age.

“I’m 30 and I can barely walk, but when I’m sitting in the car all they see is my face and my age, that’s what they judged me on.

“People blocked me, shouted at me, hit my car because they judged me by my face and my age before they saw me go out with my wheelchair.

“I still have my blue badge on display.

“Not everyone is rude like that and I honestly appreciate these people. But for others who treat us badly and judge us, think before you do it next time. Thank you.”

The indignant community has now rallied around the woman – and lambasted the couple responsible.

One of them ranted: “If you have a blue badge, it is nobody’s business, other than the authorized people, what your handicap is and they have no right to question. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Meanwhile, another added: “Disgusting to read this. Spaces are there for people with disabilities and you should never feel the way you did because you clearly need them.”

Sadly, Aberdeen’s wife isn’t the first to face strangers who judge her disability.

The disabled woman, 24, shared the cruel notes and abuse she receives for using special parking spaces because she “doesn’t look sick”.

A legless Paralympic swimmer was horrified after an angry supermarket buyer criticized her for being in a disabled parking spot.

And a shameless driver sparked outrage after parking a £ 157,000 McLaren supercar in two disabled-passenger seats.

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