Discover GetMyBoat: the Airbnb of boat rental services

GetMyBoat, a marketplace for boat rentals and boating experiences, operates as a vacation rental for boats in the Valley and around the world.

PEORIA, Arizona – Summer is right around the corner, and with out-of-school kids and holiday weekends around the corner, it can be hard to stay cool in the Valley.

A local family earns a living working with an online boat marketplace that functions like an Airbnb for boats. The Petri family of five sold everything to start a church in Peoria. To make ends meet, they also rent out some of their boats through

The site is a marketplace for boat rentals and nautical experiences that can be booked throughout Arizona and around the world. The website connects customers with boat owners through online transactions.

Short Petri J and L Water Sports, and lists two to three boats a year on GetMyBoat. He lived with his family of five and two dogs on a houseboat in Lake Pleasant for about a year, until a monsoon storm destroyed the boat a few years ago.

The storm left the Petri family homeless, but they survived. They left the water and now live in the valley, but they still run their water business through the website and their local church.

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Their boating business started in Lake Pleasant, along with their first church service which they launched in 2017 at the lake as well. Petri said her business operates like an Airbnb for vacation rentals. The website and app offer all sorts of different options, from kayaks to speedboats and pontoons.

The World Boat Market is an easy way for people to rent and test boats, to avoid hassle and maintenance. They can also test different boats to see if they want to become boat owners later.

Petri said her customers appreciate her door-to-door car service.

“We put them in the water and then at the end of the day we take them out and send them on their way,” Petri said.

Petri said renters can drive or he can provide someone to drive. It also offers water activities. Some of his boats can cost between $500 and $800 a day depending on the time of year and the location of the lake.

He also encouraged people using the services to consider the level of comfort when choosing a boat to rent.

“There’s nothing worse than going out on the water with something too big or something you don’t feel comfortable riding,” Petri said. “It can also be a scary scenario.”

He added that there are also insurance options to consider when renting.

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