Don’t worry darling, barbarian, pearl and more!

It’s a stacked week by any standard when it comes to big new movies on VODbut it should be noted that the most talked about movie of the year (at least in the gossip pages), don’t worry darling, out this week on demand. In addition to the Olivia Wilde-directed thriller that stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, Zach Cregger’s rental property horror Barbaric was released on VOD after a theatrical run, and Mia Goth is making a splash in pearlTi West’s slasher film set in 1918 Texas.

Goth reprises the role of Pearl, which she first played in West’s 2022 film X. pearla prequel to X, is set during the turmoil of World War I, and in it we see Pearl’s origins as the daughter of German immigrants and the young wife of a deployed soldier. Despite her rural upbringing, she dreams of becoming a star, of getting out of Texas where she feels stuck with her family. She’s also volatile and dangerous, and (brutally) kills anyone who gets in her way, as we saw earlier in X.

These are just a few of the titles available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube and through your cable service this week. Find out now which films are available for purchase or rental on demand!

don’t worry darling made headlines for a million reasons that have nothing to do with the plot of the movie, so if you’re still interested in seeing what the movie is actually about, it’s finally available on VOD for you to watch. discover. In the film, Florence Pugh plays Alice, a 1950s housewife married to Jack (Harry Styles), who is one of many men working for The Victory Project, a secret business that attracts families with the promise of living in a utopian society where the women stay home to cook and look pretty for their husbands. When Alice begins to question Victory’s true motives, it makes her a target, especially as she realizes the truth behind what men really do.

Where to stream don’t worry darling

In my opinion, this year has seen the release of three films based on an AirBnB double booking. First there was Netflix The man from Torontothen there was the Katie Holmes romance alone togetherand now we have Barbaric, which is 100% the worst double-booking scenario of all. First, Tess (Georgina Campbell) realizes that the house she rented was also booked by a guy named Keith (Bill Skarsgard). Keith is definitely sleazy, but is he the one she really needs to worry about when it comes to her safety after agreeing to sleep in the house? It’s a film whose marketing campaign has been built around its air of mystery, so no spoilers, but let’s just say there are definitely some shady characters lurking around this rental property and Tess is going to have to find a way to escape them.

Where to stream Barbaric

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