Dos and don’ts in London in 2021

Do: Drop the conversation if you see the following message: “Do you really know someone who has gotten really sick? “; “I prefer to do my own research”; “Let’s go around and say what was our biggest rule violation. I’ll go first… ‘

Do not : Smile when asked what TV you watched during the lockdown and say you “mostly broadcast experimental theater and maybe, like, a little bit of spoken word.” You lie.

Do: Read the play before making dark jokes about Covid. Acceptable “linkable” topics include post-stage-3 shags, that big boat that got stuck and ranks your riskiest nature wees of 2020.

Do not : Get drunk and make unrealistic and expensive plans with your friends. Tomorrow you can decide if you really go to Alton Towers or Airbnb-ing an entire castle in Scotland.

Do: Check in properly with people. Ask open ended questions about how they are doing, even if “WAP” goes off and you are frantically summoned to the dance floor.

Do not : Allow yourself to be alone for even a few minutes with this ex you broke up with at the start of confinement for very valid reasons. Yes, you are thirsty, but it is not worth it.

Do: Praise them for doing it! Even though they’re on the unbearable level of engaged, adopting a puppy, buying a house in a Nunhead, they also struggled. Let’s celebrate our collective resilience, eh?

Don’ts: Ask what people did for Christmas. You might watch their eyes go cold as they are plagued by scrapping flashbacks with a customer at the last M&S ​​roast turkey meal for one.

Do: Check with people before hugging them. Yeah, it’s embarrassing – but lean on it! Not everyone is back on the physical touch train. Plus, you might have the overly enthusiastic wide-eyed gaze of someone who wants that hug too much, and that’s off-putting.

Don’ts: Glare at people who are having fun, while muttering grimly that “the next wave can’t come soon enough”. Nobody needs that right now.

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