Douglas Elliman says he will cover abortion-related travel costs

Douglas Elliman’s Scott Durkin and Howard Lorber (Douglas Elliman, iStock)

Almost immediately after Friday’s explosive Supreme Court ruling effectively overturned the federally guaranteed abortion rights established by Roe v. Wade, businesses across the country have begun rolling out measures to support potentially affected employees.

This list now includes one of the largest residential brokers in the country.

“Dear Elliman family,” began a note from Howard Lorber and Scott Durkin, President and CEO of Douglas Elliman respectively, “Douglas Elliman is a strong supporter of women and their reproductive rights.”

The memo, sent company-wide on Friday afternoon and reviewed by The real dealsaid Elliman would “expand out-of-state health care coverage to employees who may be directly affected by this morning’s Supreme Court decision and reimburse officers and staff who may be required to travel out of of the state to obtain reproductive care”.

Those affected employees are likely to be concentrated in so-called red states: Friday’s Supreme Court ruling, the end result of a lower case in Mississippi, immediately struck down the abortion rights protected by the federal government established with Roe in 1973. Rulings on abortions are now coming back. to the states. Many Democratic-led states, such as California, have emphasized that they will protect abortion rights, while Republican-led states are likely to heavily restrict or ban the procedure altogether: According to a New York Times trackereight states, including Wisconsin, Louisiana and Alabama, have already enacted outright bans, while 13 others, including Texas, Florida and Arizona, are expected to enact new restrictions or bans soon.

State bans mean many women will end up traveling to have the procedure, leading companies to issue their own health care extensions. Companies such as Starbucks, Tesla, Airbnb and Netflix have already announced such measures.

Elliman has approximately 8,000 agents and employees in nine states, including Texas and Florida.

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