Drug addict caught in possession of an “enormous amount” of drugs for his own use

The daily use of cannabis and ecstasy by an addict could have been fatal for many people, a court said.

Judge Stephen Climie issued the warning by sparing Hani Hussein an immediate jail sentence for possession of Class A and Class B drugs.

Bournemouth Crown Court learned that when officers executed a warrant on Hussein’s address in April 2018, they found 421 grams of cannabis and 61 MDMA pills.

Hussein, 24, and from Exeter Park Road, said the drugs were for personal use.

The accused, who is now recovering from his addiction, was first charged with two counts of possession with intent to provide and he appeared in a district court in March of last year. However, other charges were subsequently added to the indictment and the simple possession pleas were acceptable to the Crown.

This was after a report by a psychiatric medical professional backed up Hussein’s claims that the drugs were for personal use.

Continuing, Sam Barker said at the June 2 hearing: “The accused stated that he smoked something like half an ounce of cannabis a day and that he regularly took MDMA tablets without knowing that MDMA was ecstasy.

Hani Hussein

Mr Barker said the amounts of the drugs for personal use “raised eyebrows”, but the accused’s explanation could not be refuted by the Crown.

Mitigatingly, Tony Wyatt described it as “a huge amount of drug for a person to take”, adding that at the time the accused was also taking other illicit substances.

Mr Wyatt said there was no excuse for Hussein to self-cure his drug problems, but “that fully explains his conduct”.

The accused is completely off ecstasy and is now focusing on the absence of cannabis, the lawyer said.

Judge Stephen Climie has issued a two-year community order with an obligation to perform 80 hours of unpaid work, as well as an order for the payment of £ 200 in prosecution costs and a victim fine surcharge.

The judge said: “In 2018, you were using both Class A ecstasy and Class B cannabis at levels that for many people could prove fatal.”

He added: “You are making great strides and I want to make sure that continues.”

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