Drunk 19-Year-Old Accidentally Breaks Into Airbnb ‘Loaded With Cops’

A 19-year-old drunk man who accidentally broke into an Airbnb to sleep “woke up in handcuffs,” officers joked in a TikTok that went viral over the weekend. Deputy Charles Pesola of the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office in Montana posted a video of how he and a group of officers rented an Airbnb in Wisconsin on a work trip.

“This silly guy found the only Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin full of cops,” Pesola said in the clip. At the end of the video, which shows the man’s face several times, MPs from Milwaukee lead him away. According to a local news station, the man “Has not been cited or charged“for the incident.

Pesola told KMOV4 he posted the video because “The cops are having a hard time right now, and when they can see that we are still having fun and that we are still real people and that we are good, it’s is a good thing.” It’s a common refrain among popular police influencers who post on TikTok under hashtags like #HumanizeTheBadge or #BacktheBlue. (Pesola has over 200,000 subscribers and the clip has been viewed 173,000 times.) Videos like these can be interpreted as damage control or public relations for cops who ignore systemic police problems. A representative from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office could not be reached for comment on its social media policies.

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