Drunk teen stumbles upon police rented Airbnb

A teenager woke up handcuffed after a night of partying in Milwaukee after accidentally stumbling upon an Airbnb rented by police officers, according to a video posted on TikTok.

Law enforcement officers woke up that morning to find the 19-year-old man sleeping in their accommodation. Officers were traveling from Montana to participate in emergency vehicle training.

The video was shared on the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, but was originally posted on the TikTok page. @ sherrifk9misty, an account where Charles Pesola publishes on his life as a police officer alongside his dog Misty to his more than 200,000 subscribers. He also posts tips on how to be successful as a Deputy Sheriff, such as wearing a costume to your interview.

It was also shared on the Instagram page of the same name.

Mr. Pesola announced at the beginning of the video accompanied by two other police officers: “Story time!

“Well, apparently we crashed with a drunk guy last night,” he said, explaining that he believed the loud noise he heard was one of the other two officers, l ‘Deputy Matt Van Der Ark and Deputy Nelson Grant. Both deny being the source of the noise in the TikTok.

“We then realized that one of the doors was open,” Pesola said on camera, implying signs of intruders.

Following this discovery, they searched around the temporarily rented house, until the three visitors to town found the teenager asleep in one of the beds in the house.

“This dumb guy found the only Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin loaded with cops,” Pesola said.

In the video, they put together a montage of them alerting local authorities in Milwaukee. According to local media WKYT, they didn’t stop the man.

“He made a mistake. It’s okay. We’re going to get over it, and at the end of the day we can smile about it,” said Deputy Vander Ark.

Mr Pesola said things might have turned out differently if the teenager had been in another house.

“What if this guy fell into a bed with a child or my wife?” I mean, it could’ve been another morning, right? So wrong place, wrong time [but] lucky place, lucky time, that there are dudes who really know how to handle this.

The teenager said it was “the first time he woke up in a random location” to police in the video.

When asked why he posted the video, he said in the same interview: “The cops are having a hard time right now, and when they can see that we are still having fun and that we are still real people and that we are good is a good thing. ”

Last year, the United States began to take a national stocktake of the role and responsibilities of police officers, wondering if they have too much power and resources, wondering if they are institutionally racist or if they are taking action. too much like the military.

This conversation was rekindled after footage was broadcast of Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for nine and a half minutes, resulting in the death of Mr. Floyd. Chauvin was found guilty of three counts for the April 20 murder.

The independent reached out to Flathead County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

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