Dubai creates fake rain to fight scorching 50C heat

Dubai‘s government is paying scientists to make it rain – after the city experienced scorching temperatures of 50C.

In a bid to tackle the extreme weather conditions and increase rainfall from the UAE’s shocking average of four inches per year, authorities have turned to using innovative technology to make this possible. .

In 2017, the United Arab Emirates invested $ 15 million in nine rain production projects to create artificial rain. A researcher from the University of Reading, Professor Maarten Ambaum, worked on this fascinating project – he explained how the aim of the project was to fuse water droplets through electrical pulses. “When the drops merge and are big enough, they will fall as rain,” he told the BBC.

Drones will be used to create artificial rain

(Getty Images)

Using the power of drones, the enhanced rain “sets off electrical charges in the clouds so that they clump together and form precipitation.”

In short, drones zap clouds with electricity, which will force water droplets to fall as rain. This way no chemicals are needed and it is said to be more environmentally friendly.

In recent videos circulating online, Dubai is an unexpected sight. The city is battered by torrential rains from cloud-seeding efforts – to such an extent – that it creates dangerous driving conditions.

The success of the drones has even caused yellow weather warnings in parts of the country where the new technology has been flown.

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