Dubai: How to become an AirBnB host? Earn extra income on your home

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Dubai: Are you looking to start 2021 by injecting money into your income? A simple and relatively easy way to do this is to become an AirBnB host.

In Dubai, owners and renters can list their apartments on the vacation rental website by registering their accommodation as a “vacation home”. What does it mean, how much does it cost and what is the process? Here’s all you need to know.

What is a vacation home?

Vacation homes are apartments that are rented on a short term basis and are ideal for visitors looking for something more comfortable and affordable than hotel rooms. In Dubai, vacation homes must be registered with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Business Marketing (DTCM), with an annual permit issued by the authority. These can be requested whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

How to apply for a vacation home

If you want to list your unit as a vacation home, follow these steps outlined by DTCM on its website:

1. Visit the DTCM Vacation Homes portal – and register a new account.

2. Click on ‘Add a unit’. Fill in the required information including unit type, number of bedrooms, square footage, developer, etc.

3. Submit supporting documents. The required documents include:

– Copy of the title deed or of the sales agreement and certificate of the end of payment.

– Copy of the signed passport or Emirates identity card of the owner.

– Business license if the “owning” unit is a company, as well as a UAE ID or a copy of the passport of the authorized signing officer.

-Letter of property management according to the downloadable template.

– Current invoice from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

– Rental contract for individual tenant.

– If applicable, the owner’s no objection certificate (using the DTCM form).

4. Review and submit. Review your request before submitting it for approval. All requests will be reviewed within one business day.

5. After approval, self-classify your apartment. Once approval is received by email, your unit will be added to your dashboard and is available for self-classification.

6. Make the payment. After submitting your self-classification, pay the required license and classification certificate fees. Once paid, the unit’s status will be updated to approved.

What are the fees?

The fees will depend on the type of property you are putting up.

Annual registration fees – Dh1,500

Permit fees (which depend on the size of your unit) – 300 Dh per room, and a maximum amount of 1,200 Dh.

Unit filing fee – Dh50

Tourist tax in dirham – Dh10 or Dh15 per room, depending on the classification of the unit as standard or luxury.

Once you have received the necessary approvals from the DTCM, you can list your unit on AirBnb or other vacation home websites.

Have you tried registering your unit as a vacation home? How did the experience go? Share it with us by emailing [email protected]

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