Dublin-based company ReAlpha is moving forward with its ambitious Airbnb plan

Dublin-based start-up ReAlpha plans to file a “mini-IPO” next week to raise $75 million as part of its bid to become the country’s largest landlord of short-term rental homes.

Moving is a key step in company projects to buy up to $1.5 billion worth of homes across the country that would be rented through Airbnb.

The shares, available through what is called a settlement A+ offering, would sell for $10 each.

“We are excited to offer Main Street investors access to early-stage investment opportunities through our A+ regulatory offering,” ReAlpha Founder and CEO Giri Devanur said in a statement. Press release.

Devanur announced ReAlpha in July with Brent Crawford, founder and director of development company Crawford Hoying, which has committed $6 million to the venture.

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