More people move to the waterfront of Eagle Creek for tranquility, but the next owners of this vast ranch might like to make some noise every now and then. It would be a shame to let the performance scene in a bonus building outside the main house become another storage space, and who would paint over this incredible mural of graffiti?

Equipped with concert hall-type lighting and excellent acoustics, the meeting place is poised to become a leader’s cave. The current owner, a tech leader, built the stage for impromptu jam sessions with friends, while the previous one used the sequel as a photography studio, so there are plenty of possibilities for other hobbies here. Whatever your creative outlet, the building’s bar, workshop, and bathroom will keep you in the space for hours.

This luxury property also checks out all of Eagle Creek’s traditional huts: a waterfront location, nearly three acres of mature trees and lush greenery, wildlife, space to spread out and all the peace. and the tranquility you could wish for. Its current owners work in the hustle and bustle of the city center, but relish the tranquility that overwhelms them the moment they arrive home. In addition to the stunning location, the property is bursting with interest in the 4,810 square foot main house with five bedrooms, a two bedroom guesthouse, and expert landscaping by the local designers who worked on the areas. from the canal and the ruins at Holliday Park.

Axis Architecture took the reins of design for a 2008 remodel, and the result is a bright and energizing interior. While this is a sprawling floor plan, it never seems too much – the natural scenery outside almost every window keeps you anchored and connected to the home, and perhaps inspired to new heights of creative genius.