Edinburgh resident remained stunned after spotting an Airbnb key safe on the park wall

An Edinburgh resident was shocked after discovering what appears to be a key safe – usually associated with Airbnb – attached to the wall of a public park.

A local – who asked to remain anonymous – discovered the key safe at the Dean Village playground while walking around the area, according to Edinburgh Live.

The safe appears identical to those used by Airbnb hosts for guests to collect and drop off property keys while in the city center.

The vacation rental site has become a hot topic in the capital, with many drawing attention to the housing crisis facing residents as short-term rentals on properties become more and more popular.

On the ‘cheeky key safe’ the resident said: ‘It was attached to the local playground in Dean Village and they clearly drilled the stone to do so, as you can see the dust below, damaging it as well. public property.

“The streets of Dean Village are cobblestone, so we are woken up again by the noise of suitcases on the cobblestones in the early hours of the morning. I thought the pandemic would have killed a lot of those short-term releases, so it’s annoying to see it all start all over again.

The safes are at the side of a playground.

“Drilling these safes into the wall of a conservation area seems pretty cheeky. Looking online, it turns out that there have been other weird places where Airbnb safes have been placed: in a cemetery, public railings among others.

“Apparently it’s to get around regulations where you need the consent of every household in the block to put in a safe. So they get away with sneaking them somewhere else.”

Airbnb was contacted for comment but did not respond at time of posting.

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