Edinburgh to force Airbnb hosts to apply for building permit

“Independent properties have a long history in the capital for decades, improving tourism supply and boosting the local economy, and should not be used as a convenient scapegoat for political failures elsewhere,” said Fiona Campbell , its general manager.

She added: “Communities are being fooled into believing that the regulation of short-term rentals will act as a panacea when in reality we have failed to build enough affordable housing or get a large one back up and running. number of empty properties.

“Last year the self-catering generated £ 50million for Edinburgh‘s economy. For a city renowned for its hospitality, it is very disappointing that local policymakers are looking to address the multi-faceted housing problems in Edinburgh by focusing on tourist accommodation and damaging small businesses in the process.

The popularity of Airbnb and other listing sites, which allow homeowners to list homes online and rent them out on short notice, has also been blamed for problems in areas such as the Lake District, the Highlands and parts of London.

However, Edinburgh’s status as a year-round tourist destination, along with events such as the world-famous Fringe and Hogmanay festival that allow owners to charge a premium, have made it particularly attractive for rentals.

Holyrood MSPs learned in 2017 that residents of the historic Old Town were forced to put up with the noise of “loudly audible sex parties” from a short-term rental in an apartment above. Many more properties had become popular “party apartments” for boy-girl weekends, it was claimed.

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