Emotional Intelligence Ventures Reg A Rises to $ 20 Million, Company Continues Research into Transdermal Delivery of Psylocibin, Plans to Launch Nutraceutical Mushroom Supplements

MIAMI, October 19, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Emotional intelligence companies, led by a renowned investor and executive David nikzad, are happy to report that their Settlement A increase is currently $ 20,114,949, with more investors arriving daily. Ultimately, they’re looking to raise a maximum of $ 49,999,999 and think it’s a very achievable goal. A Settlement A offering allows retail investors to invest in pre-public and private companies. The net proceeds of the offering will be used to accelerate the development and distribution of Ei’s medicinal and functional mushroom lines.

David Nikzad, Founder and CEO of Ei.Ventures, notes: “We are so committed to the unaccredited investor that we are pursuing a Regulatory A offer.” Adding: “As I was fortunate enough to invest early in many companies like Airbnb, Betterment and Vidyard, and three crowdfunding platforms (WeFunder, RealCrowd, Republic), I am really passionate about democratizing investment opportunities so that any investor can take advantage of the rewards and take all of them. the risks of early investment in game-changing companies. “

As part of their research and development of natural psychedelic compounds, EI recently announced via Forbes that they have teamed up with the Tioga Research transdermal delivery center to develop a transdermal patch for prolonged delivery of psilocin, the active ingredient in psilocybin mushrooms, for mental health applications.

The company believes that this announcement, along with the growing interest in psychedelic medicine in the field of mental health, and a growing wave of medicalization, decriminalization and legalization of psychedelic mushrooms is sparking interest across the board. psychedelic medicine, and Ei.Ventures in particular.

On Monday, October 4, Seattle City Council voted to decriminalize the non-commercial possession and cultivation of many psychedelics, including mushrooms, for “religious, spiritual, healing or personal growth practices.” Council members adopted the resolution unanimously, with a 9-0 vote. This makes Seattle the largest city in the United States to decriminalize psychedelic plants and mushrooms.

As part of Ei’s dual track approach, they plan to launch their MANA fungus functional nutraceutical line in early 2022. They are creating proprietary formulations using a unique formulation process for improved bioavailability and efficacy. These products target cognition and the immune system; energy, vitality, mood, sleep and weight loss; mental and physical optimization for microdosers; nootropics or Smart Drugs; and joint and muscle pain.

You can find the Ei.Ventures Settlement A Offer Circular here https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1823182/000110465921096304/tm2123436d1_253g2.htm. For more information on Ei.Ventures, visit https://invest.ei.ventures/. For media needs, please contact Susan von Seggern at [email protected] or 213-840-0077.

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