Enthusiastic holidaymakers on first flight from Newcastle to Ibiza as island added to Green List

Some have been looking forward to this moment for two years – others for only six days.

But they all shared the same excitement of finally taking off for some sun, sea and a well-deserved break.

On Thursday, the first flight to Ibiza since the Balearics was added to the government’s green travel list left Newcastle International Airport – and these delighted passengers were eager to get on board.

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It was a long-awaited trip for Amy Jones and Laura Ramage, who had booked the trip in 2019 for Laura’s 26th birthday.

After many cancellations, office manager Laura will actually be 27 on the island on July 4.

The delays only made the pair more thrilled with the trip.

“We’re so excited,” Laura said.

“We can’t wait to get there – we can’t wait to get on the plane.”

Ibiza-related holidaymakers Danielle Bell and Megan Kavanagh at Newcastle International Airport

Following a last minute change after the UK government added the area to the green list, travelers are now required to produce proof of a negative PCR test before entry and show a negative test after returning to avoid having to quarantine.

Airports and planes also have more restrictions, with masks being mandatory – but these new considerations hadn’t affected the joy of traveling for this pair.

Amy, 28, said: “It actually went a lot better than I thought, because I was a little stressed about it because I felt like it might take the fun out of it. , but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was. “

Many of those who boarded the Jet2 flight from Newcastle on Thursday had made their plans more spontaneously than Laura and Amy.

Danielle Bell and Megan Kavanagh, both 21, from Teesside, had decided to book their flights as soon as news of the green list was expected.

“Literally, as soon as it turned green, it was like, come on, we book it, we get out of here,” Megan said.

Having only had six days to get excited about the trip, with final confirmation arriving last night when the green list was officially changed, now that they were actually at the airport, trainee investigator Megan said that it was finally starting to feel real.

“They cut and changed the rules every day so it was a nightmare but we ended up doing the tests and they came back negative and it’s been fine ever since – so far it’s been fine anyway!”

Health and safety officer Danielle added, “We have been working throughout the pandemic so now we have to let our hair down.”

The trip was especially exciting for Jonathan Colburn, 27, and Megan Roberts, 22, as the change to the green list meant Jonathan could finally visit his family in Ibiza.

“We are looking forward to it,” he said.

“Obviously, if you live here and want to see family, you had to quarantine, then we’ll wait and see which countries are on the green list.”

For dental nurse Megan, the sunny trip would also be an opportunity for well-deserved relaxation.

“We are in FFP3 [masks] all day, so definitely ready for a break, ”she added.

Jonathan Colburn and Megan Roberts

Of course, life on the island, best known to many Britons for its party scene, will be quite different with the specter of Covid still looming over clubs and bars.

But Hayley and Patrick Topping, who both work in the music industry and have seen this side of the island before, said the slightly altered atmosphere wouldn’t bother them.

DJ Patrick, 32, said: “I usually go to Ibiza every year for work and we managed to get there last summer and it was the first time I came just for vacation.

“We’re just going to enjoy the island – even though the clubs are open, I won’t go in.”

With July 19 now designated as the UK’s ‘Freedom Day’, Hayley said the spontaneous trip – they had already planned to visit the Lake District this week – was “the perfect timing” as the reopening would hopefully leave them both busy with gigs in the next few months.

“We don’t have any real plans which is good,” she said.

“We’re just going to relax, go to a restaurant, eat good food.”

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