Etsy’s Airbnb “Art Of Hosting” Collection Features Hotel-Style Decor

Being an Airbnb host isn’t just about renting your place to other people. If you’ve ever stayed in a rental, you know that decor and amenities can really make a difference in the quality of your stay. Even if you’re just having friends over for dinner or a weekend visit, you want your home to feel welcoming and warm. Luckily, Etsy and Airbnb’s “Art of Hosting” home decor collection makes this very easy to achieve for anyone looking to up their hosting game.

When you’re looking for one-of-a-kind home decor, you turn to Etsy. The same can be said about Airbnb when looking for a comfortable home away from home to stay on your next trip. that’s why The new “Art of Hosting” collection from Etsy and Airbnb looks like the Avengers-level collaboration you never knew you needed. Etsy and Airbnb have teamed up with a curated collection of “For Hosts, By Hosts” items that will take your place and your hosting skills to the next level.

These Airbnb guest favorites include warm, modern decor pieces that will make everyone feel welcome as well as five-star-level amenities to enhance your space. There are even items that will make cleaning up after your guests super simple. So whether you’re hosting on Airbnb or not, you’ll definitely want to experience these items from Etsy and Airbnb’s “Art of Hosting” collection for yourself.

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To really enhance your home, it’s nice to have hotel-inspired amenities. For example, placing this soap dispenser in your shower or bathroom vanity is a simple and elegant way to display all products.

A bathtub caddy decorated with aesthetic embellishments will make your bathroom feel like it belongs in a hotel. Plus, it’s super useful for holding your or any guest’s books and candles.

Duvet covers make it super easy for you to clean up after guests. All you have to do is toss the cover in the wash, and that’s it. Plus, these linen slipcovers from Etsy are chic, soft, and available in a variety of colors to match your home aesthetic.

Another simple detail that makes an Airbnb stand out is having matching plates and crockery. Even if you only have a few dinner guests, your meal will be truly successful. This ceramic 4-piece set from Etsy includes plates and bowls in different sizes, but is also available in a 2 piece set ($53).

One way to make your home cozier is to have tons of throws and blankets on hand for your guests. The “Art of Hosting” collection includes covers to choose from. Not only is this chunky knit blanket super cozy, but it also makes a lovely statement when thrown over a chair or the back of your sofa.

If you’re an Airbnb host, it’s nice to see where your guests are coming from. This travel pin map is a super cute way to do it in your own home. It’s like a guestbook, but it’s an easy and beautiful way for you to keep track of all the places you’ve been. It also serves as a wall decoration, so it’s a win-win.

If you prefer a traditional Golden Book that anyone can fill in during their stay, Etsy and Airbnb’s “The Art of Hosting” collection has a ton of options to choose from. Since this is Etsy, you can even personalize your guestbook at home. For something simple yet unique, opt for this rustic guest book that you can have engraved.

A simple way to put your guests at ease and get your home ready for entertaining is with a unique wine display. These stackable wooden wine racks from Etsy are inexpensive and also serve as a beautiful accent piece.

You will want to have plenty of clean towels for your guests during their stay. These linen waffle towels are ideal for this as they are simple, easy to wash and more comfortable than the plain white towels you would get at a hotel.

Etsy’s and Airbnb’s “Art of Hosting” collection contains a whole kitchen organization part, because everything is perfectly in its place and labeled for your guests, it’s really very useful. It not only makes your space cleaner, but people won’t be confused about where the sugar is versus the salt either.

As flexible living has become a trend in recent years, customers are looking to get away from it all while working from their home away from home. For this, the “Art of Hosting” collection recommends having additional office space. This mobile desk can turn your sofa into a workspace and then be moved to the side when the day is done.

Something as simple as having good soap in the bathroom can go a long way for guests. Etsy has a ton of sellers who make handmade soaps with different fresh scents. For something extra soothing, this rope soap is made with camel and coconut milk.

Welcome tags are another cute detail you can add to your home to make it more welcoming. One way to use them is to place a welcome gift for your guests on the bed with their towels and any products they can use with instructions and information like the WiFi password. Just add the welcome tag on top to tie it all together.

While Etsy and Airbnb have a ton of options for welcome tags you can order and customize, these states are perfect if you plan to have a lot of out of town guests for some reason.

Entertainment is something that also takes an Airbnb to the next level. While having a TV with Netflix and great Wi-Fi is always a plus, Etsy and Airbnb have also implemented a game section for their “Art of Hosting” collection to browse as well. This set of wooden dominoes is not only chic, but also a super fun option to pull out whenever you have guests over.

A nice set of serving utensils

A nice set of utensils like this one from Etsy will make a huge difference and tie it all together when serving dishes for a dinner party. Plus, you can present them with the perfect serving bowl when you’re not using them.

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