Europe during Delta? Writer Brookline recounts his adventure abroad

So last week I was in Ostend, Belgium, at a massive 5 day rock festival during the throes of Delta.

How, you ask?

It is certainly a great miracle. This is my third W-Fest, and I swore that after his enforced two-year hiatus, I wouldn’t miss him no matter what. And I am a constant N95 mask holder, overly cautious, avoiding people and restaurateurs.

But the EU is very different from the US. On the one hand, she is much more vaccinated. The United States is currently 53 percent fully vaccinated; EU residents are at 70 percent. And Belgium is over 71 percent nowadays.

On September 4, the Council of the European Union deleted the United States off its safe travel list, as its current rate of coronavirus infections exceeded the EU limit of 75 new cases per 100,000 population in the previous 14 days. In fact, according to Bloomberg, the United States recorded 507 new cases per 100,000 population in the first two weeks of August.

Europe has, however, reported a decrease in cases. Fortunately, I was already there.

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