European cities where booking a hotel is cheaper than Airbnb

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A three-star hotel room in Tallinn, Estonia costs 4.3% less than the city’s average Airbnb listing.

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As the “January blues” arrive, it sometimes seems like the only light at the end of the tunnel is the idea of ​​booking a long sunny getaway to look forward to.

But since the money after Christmas is still a bit tight, these emergency vacations have to be profitable if they are to work on your bank balance and savings plan for the coming year.

Voucher site GoodCloud looked at the average cost for a person to stay in an Airbnb versus a three-star hotel in all European capitals to determine in which cities an Airbnb is a good decision and in which places to ‘splash’ on a l The hotel could actually save you a few cents.

While it’s easy to assume that an Airbnb is always the cheapest type of accommodation while traveling, a three-star hotel is cheaper or the same price as the average Airbnb in eight of Europe’s 48 capitals. studied, according to the findings of VoucherCloud. .

In fact, in Andorra’s capital, Andorra la Vella, a three-star hotel (£ 43, or $ 59) isn’t just half the price of the average Airbnb (£ 79, or $ 108) , but you can book yourself at a five-star hotel for less than the average listing on Airbnb’s website (£ 77, or $ 105).

Scroll down to discover all the European capitals where it is better to book a hotel than an Airbnb, listed by price difference in ascending order.

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