Ex-hacker reveals tips for finding hidden cameras in airbnb homes

Ex-hacker reveals tips for finding hidden cameras in airbnb homes. Image – airbnb

A former hacker took to TikTok to reveal tips for finding hidden cameras in airbnb homes.

Airbnb has become the most popular way to rent houses or rooms to tourists at a cheaper price than hotels, however, if you didn’t know that there could be risks in betting on this type of tourism.

The surprise was that thousands of complaints were revealed after the discovery of several hidden cameras installed in the houses. In addition, in most situations, these were small hidden cameras in order to record the privacy of travelers.

Marcus Hutchins, a British hacker who works as a cybersecurity researcher, revealed how these cameras can be found regardless of the type of hosting.

Through his TikTok account (@malwaretech) he explains what to do to discover these devices. The trick is to shed light on any tech product that is in a suspicious position and that is pointed at a specific location.

Considering the fact that they can be hidden anywhere, it is important to note that if you identify a blue reflection, it is an indication of where the camera is hidden. It is even easier to discover them with the light turned off as they will reflect from the light.

The video has had over 20 million views, with Hutching confirming that “you’re going to want to check for any suspicious fixtures or holes in front of the shower, walk-in closet or bed.”

He advises checking locations such as fire alarms, outlets and alarm clocks.

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