Expert advice to save money on your next Disney vacation

Vacationers who are desperate to experience magical Disney resorts but don’t want to spend a fortune can take advantage of these latest money-saving tips.

Koala travel experts have revealed how Brits can save money on their next Disney getaway.

Getaways to one of the Disney resorts don’t come cheap – after all, they’re described as a magical and unique opportunity.

There are currently 12 Disney parks located in six different hotel complexes; Disneyland, California Adventure, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea.

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Some of these resorts are budget conscious, but most are expensive, especially if you choose to stay at a resort hotel.

From booking away from the resort, going through the off-season and even opting for a self-catering stay, Koala’s top tips can provide insight into a cheaper Disney vacation package overall.

Scroll down for their tips and for the latest Disney vacation deals and discounts you need to be aware of.

Disney Resort, Orlando, Florida


Timeshare owners (vacation home owners) can’t always use their property, and they often rent them out to help defray their annual costs.

Timeshare resorts are ideal for families, as they have extra space, a kitchen and laundry facilities, and all the perks of a traditional resort.

Airbnb is a good place to start looking for a vacation home near Disney resorts.

Ticket sales

Disney parks will occasionally offer tickets that can save you money if you can make the fine print work with your plans.

Travel agents will often have subsidized tickets or bundled options with a discount.

For example, TUI offers vacation packages to Disney resorts that also come with a Disney Dining Credit worth up to $ 950 when booking between now and November 2, 2021 and on select dates in 2022 – in find out more here.


When booking your vacation, if it is a stay away from the resort, consider transport links to the parks and estimate the expense.

Many timeshare resorts offer shuttle services directly to the resorts, so you don’t have to worry about parking.

Some resorts may be within walking distance and for others you may need to use public transport or rent a car.

Enterprise rent-a-car operates from multiple locations in UK, Europe and USA if you are planning to visit a resort in Paris or America.

You can prepay which will be cheaper and there is no cancellation fee. Find out what is on offer with them through their website.

Off-season travel

Ticket prices during the low season are more reasonable, from plane tickets and park tickets to hotel and rental rates.

So, traveling to Disney parks outside of rush hour will save you money. Plus, with fewer people, you’ll be less tempted to buy priority tickets to skip the lines.

Take a look here for off-season Disney vacations with TUI, Virgin and Disneyholidays.

Food and drink

Rather than buying food and drinks on site, shop and stock up on supplies.

Lunch for a family of four at a Disney park can easily exceed £ 50 a day, so use the kitchen in your vacation home and make your own sandwiches for your day at Disney.

Mike Kennedy, Co-Founder and CEO at Koala said: “We have seen a steady increase in bookings in the Orlando area in particular, proof that the fun and relaxation of Disney continues to be a lure, especially for families planning their vacations” return ”after the pandemic.

Fortunately, there are many other ways to save on a Disney vacation, such as renting a timeshare directly from the owner.

Disney offers


TUI regularly updates its discount codes, so check back here for any you could use to book your Disney trip.

Virgin vacations

  • Receive up to $ 950 in Disney Dining Credit per room and the Ultimate 14 Day Disney Ticket for the price of a 7 Day ticket – see more here.

  • Disney vacations start from just £ 600 per person with Virgin – see selected deals here.


There are no specific deals with Disney Resort hotels at this time, but if you are looking to save money, you can book a cheaper hotel that is not too far from the resorts.

Check out the Jet2 deals here for inspiration.

Before you leave…

To manage attendance at their Disney, Walt disney world Resort has introduced the Disney Park Pass system, a new theme park reservation system which you can access at

All guests must reserve their entry to the theme park in advance using this system.

To book your reservations if you are staying at an on-site Disney hotel, you will need to visit My Disney Experience and sign in or create a profile.

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