Explore The Man From Toronto filming locations

New films, such as “The Man From Toronto”, are captivating. Apart from the movie’s stunning premise and excellent cast, viewers are curious about the filming locations. And it looks like there’s a lot to explore now.

And we’ve got you covered. The plot revolves around Teddy, a New York City jerk who is mistaken for “the man from Toronto” when the two end up at the same Airbnb. Antics ensue. The film did not receive favorable reviews from critics.

However, if you like both comedies and action movies, this is the perfect combination for you. Kevin Hart does his comedy stuff, Woody Harrelson does his action stuff, and both pull it off.

Where is the Toronto man filmed? Let’s explore filming locations

The Man From Toronto is filmed in various locations in Toronto. Surprisingly, the film was not originally planned to be shot here. Filming was scheduled to begin in Atlanta in April 2020, but production was halted in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Filming in the Toronto area began on October 12, 2020, then continued through December. Production moved to Century Studio in Toronto. And there are plenty of places the film crew have been spotted.

Milton, Ont.

Milton is a city in southern Ontario, Canada, and is part of Halton Region in the Greater Toronto Area. The crew was spotted there in November 2020, specifically on Main Street.

Residents also claimed to have heard Kevin Hart screaming during the shooting. The Ivy Arms pub, located at 201 Main St East, was also the location in Milton where the scene of the explosion was filmed.

Brampton, Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Brampton is a city in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. Kevin Hart was spotted filming at the Brampton GO station. The Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton was also used for filming. People noticed a rustic cabin with a lake in the background.

The Greater Toronto Area begins in Halton Region in Burlington and stretches east along Lake Ontario well past downtown Toronto to Clarington in Durham Region.

Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto is a bustling neighborhood filled with skyscrapers, restaurants, nightlife, and a diverse mix of neighborhoods. It is also home to iconic attractions such as the CN Tower, St. Lawrence Market, and the Royal Ontario Museum, which houses natural history exhibits. The Man From Toronto was filmed at the Bentway.

When the Toronto Harrelson man returns home from a “business trip”, there is a magnificent view of the cityscape, with dark skies overhead and the CN Tower rising boldly.

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson were also seen on the set of The Man From Toronto, which was filming at the CBC building in downtown Toronto. Filming then continued on the following nights.

The crew were also seen filming at the King Edward Hotel. What do you think of the filming locations? You are welcome to share it in the comments section below. And we’ll keep you posted on other thriller filming locations.

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