Ezra Miller led an alleged sect of an Icelandic Airbnb

The disturbing number of incidents and charges brought against Ezra Miller continue to pile up, with the actor now being singled out due to older accounts allegedly running a cult-like environment at an Airbnb in Iceland in 2020.

Fresh off Warner Bros.’ first earnings call. Discovery under the company’s new banner, which included a revamped plan to change the way the company handled its DC brands, this report only adds to the growing list of offenses allegedly committed by Miller that the studio must address. with. Miller was first arrested in March over an altercation at a bar in Hawaii, which they later followed up with another arrest for second-degree assault, and they face multiple grooming charges. teenagers and even a family hostage in Vermont.


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The last scandal involving Miller actually dates back more than two years, when Initiated (Going through Uproxx) reports that the actor traveled to Reykjavik in early 2020 after filming for Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets was shut down due to the pandemic. There, an unnamed woman said the actor lived in a sectarian environment, almost like a “commune” with several people living in the Airbnb rented by the actor, who apparently had a short-lived relationship with a woman from 18 years old. when they were 27 years old.

According to the testimony of the same young woman, Miller’s behavior was rather toxic because “no one was ever allowed to disagree with them”, alleging that during this period several friends and artists lived at the Airbnb, some of them teenagers who also allegedly had sex with them. The statements coincide with some of the first signs of rotting behavior from Miller, who in April 2020 was filmed smothering a woman in an Icelandic bar.

Now, Miller’s future as the DCEU’s Flash must be in question, with some fans even throwing Elliot Page’s name in the ring as a possible candidate, though how studio executives will handle the Miller’s name when it comes to promoting the film remains to be seen. After all, CEO David Zaslav has doubled down on his belief that black adam, Shazam! Fury of the gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomand the flash are all films that will do extremely well for the studio.

As for Miller, recent reports and rumors also indicate that they are traveling overland across the United States perpetually wearing bulletproof vests and carrying guns, raising another mental state red flag. and current health of the actor.

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Source: Uproxx

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