Ezra Miller travels with body armor and guns, fears FBI and KKK

Photo by Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images for Luisa Via Roma

There are disturbing new tales about the flash star Ezra Millerin particular that they like to travel with firearms and that they are afraid of being shot.

A new report from Business Intern claims he spoke to 14 people who interacted with Miller. The report says the actor has “frightening emotional outbursts” in addition to wearing the vest for gun protection. There are also reports that the actor was “running a cult” in a rented airbnb for at least two months.

Miller was allegedly leading a cult in Iceland, which coincides with a viral video showing Miller attacking a woman outside a local bar. Interviewees also said that Miller would look for “impressionable young women and non-binary people” and try to “isolate” them from their families and loved ones.

In addition to the accused grooming, according to the report, Miller would also try to have sex with them. Miller, who previously posted an encrypted video threatening the racist Ku Klux Klan group, drove a car with a vest and a gun because they fear these organizations will come after them.

Several of those interviewed said they were “worried about the actor’s mental state and worried that Miller had lost touch with reality”, hinting that Miller could be dangerous to themselves and to the people around them. surround.

Miller’s increasingly bizarre and potentially dangerous behavior has already had implications for his upcoming starring role in the DCEU tentpole movie. the flash, slated for release on June 23 next year. Miller reportedly said they were done playing the character, but would (for now) still star in the next movie.

Many DCEU fans were caught off guard by the $90 million cancellation bat girl movie, and surprised that the flash progressed smoothly. During a second quarter earnings call, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery director David Zaslav said he had seen the film and was excited about it.

Miller previously starred as Barry Allen in Justice League from 2018 and Zack Snyder’s subsequent cut from 2021. In addition to Miller’s snafu in Iceland, they were charged with stalking a woman in Berlin and were also arrested twice in Hawaii – once for second degree assault and another time for disorderly conduct and harassment.

“We saw the flash, black adam and Shazam 2said Zaslav. “We are very excited about them. We have seen them. We think they’re great and we think we can make them even better.

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