Ezra Miller would have been a cult leader in Iceland

It is reported that Ezra Miller was a cult leader in Iceland and ran this supposed cult from an Airbnb in the Scandinavian country. This report is courtesy of Business Intern.

Miller has been in the headlines a lot this year, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping for the flash actor. We now learn that he was leading a sect in Iceland from an Airbnb!

Earlier this year, Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii, allegedly cared for teenagers and detained a family at his Vermont property with a variety of weapons and drugs. There are now more victims of Miller’s behavior coming out.

A woman living in Berlin has revealed that Miller verbally abused her and threatened her. We are now hearing more reports of a two-month stint during which Miller lived in an Airbnb in Iceland with various companions in a “cult-like” situation, according to Insider.

Was Ezra Miller really a cult leader in Iceland?

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Miller traveled to Reykjavik in 2020 after production on the third Fantastic Beasts film was put on hold due to Covid-19. While Miller was there, they lived in an Airbnb and reportedly scared the locals away.

One woman, who spoke to Insider, described the home as “common”, with mattresses spread out on the floor and guests loving the movie star. “It was like everyone was hypnotized.”

Various friends, artists, and expats lived with Miller, some of whom were teenagers who had sex with them. “No one was ever allowed to disagree with them,” said a young woman who had a brief relationship with Miller in Iceland when she was 18 and Miler was 27.

They continued, “Their reality portrays everyone’s reality. There was no room for anyone else’s opinion or feelings. This was during the same period that Miller was filmed suffocating a woman in Iceland.

Why don’t the Ezra Miller controversies end?


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Miller reportedly stayed at Airbnb for several months before returning to the United States. It looks like they’re living on their remote Vermont ranch with several other people, and it looks like no one can reach the actor.

Miller’s friends begged the actor to come out of hiding, and they even failed to show up for a court appearance in July. Miller is supposed to star in the next the flash movie, and it’s all just a huge mess.

It’s unclear how Warner Bros. will be able to release a film in which its star is accused of a whole host of different crimes. the flash The film is slated for release in June 2023.

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