Fall Travelers May Face Challenges Due to COVID-19

COLUMBUS, Ohio – When an Ohio couple booked their trip, they weren’t planning to quarantine half of their vacation, but new travel restrictions will force them to do so.

What would you like to know

  • Traveling this fall can be a challenge
  • An Ohio travel agent said travelers can expect busy airports
  • The travel agent also said travelers can also expect fully booked and overbooked planes.

“Within eight to 10 hours of booking we received a notification from our airline,” said Brett Goldstein.

Goldstein and his wife, Josie, have booked their trip to the Netherlands and Amsterdam for September 2. From September 4, Amsterdam began forcing American travelers to self-quarantine for 10 days, dropping to five with a negative COVID-19 test.

“As we went for about nine days, we saw no reason to stay at our hotel for five days,” Goldstein said.

This is a scenario for which Tammy Krings, CEO of ATG Travel Worldwide BV, said she spends most of her days planning.

“Tracking COVID numbers has become very normal for us,” Krings said. “We have a lot of resources to get what is going on in an area and even to make predictions about what will happen in the next few days.”

She said traveling this fall would bring challenges beyond just COVID-19 restrictions.

“Travelers can expect very busy airports, very busy planes. They can expect the plane to be full and overbooked, ”Krings said.

She said there isn’t as much financial risk in booking flights.

“The airlines have been very lenient on the reimbursement and reuse of airline tickets for international travel.”

Regarding hotels, Goldstein suggests paying a little more for the “refundable” option.

Goldstein said she learned this lesson the hard way.

“We booked it through Airbnb,” Goldstein said. “We contacted to try and get a refund because of this at the last minute and they are not willing to work with us.”

Krings suggests booking trips as usual and adjusting when changes arise.

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