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Turning a Jamberoo farm into a stylish haven of entertainment was a labor of love for media personality Lyndey Milan and her late partner John Caldon. “It was a pretty nice house before (it has been remodeled), but it was built the wrong way,” said Milan. “The front door looked out onto the hill, where the croquet lawn is. Read more: 1860s South Coast House featured on Restoration Australia” People were parking in the front and there were doors sliding glass which entered next to this kitchen, small kitchen with two doors. So they would walk that way. “I said to John when I first went there, ‘this house was built the wrong way round. The front door should be in the front.” The house was a project house from the 1990s, until a renovation added a new wing and a central kitchen / diner with high ceilings. Milan helped redesign the kitchen and entertainment space. The house has become an artist’s dream, hosting parties for up to 80 people. Milan laughed and said Mr Caldon liked to “fill the place with people, which is great because he doesn’t cook”. “I said, ‘if you want 12 people to stay here, we have to redo the cooking.’ “So I said, ‘let’s just fix the house, knock it down.’ We have a friend to run the project for us, and it just transformed him. “By moving the kitchen to where it was, the kitchen becomes part of the action, it’s the center of the home. Read more: South Coast ‘Dilapidated Shack’ Has Become an Airbnb Favorite Sold “As a kitchen person and someone who did a few kitchens in my day, the cooking is perfect. There are drawers on both sides of this large bench, so I would have all the cooking stuff on the kitchen side and all the serving stuff on the other side. “Just a really good use of space and easy to get to, and that also gave you a place to store food, as I tended to always spread it out so people could help themselves. ” The 7.47 acre property, ‘Green Park’, located at 168 Nuninuna Drive, Jamberoo has been listed for sale. It has a price guide of $ 3.5 million and will go up for auction on November 7. The winding, all-weather road leads to the secluded property that has been a weekend getaway for famous cook and food writer Milan, and her 14-year-old partner, the late Mr. Caldon. The six bedroom, five bathroom property has operated as a successful vacation rental for many years. According to CoreLogic, he bought the Jamberoo property in 1996 for $ 566,000. Known as the ‘hero of Australian home cooking’, Milan is a longtime television chef, book author and food critic. Milan is also the Creative Director of Flame Media, an international television production and distribution company with offices around the world and Flame Studio in Sydney. Mr. Caldon, an investment banker and entrepreneur, died of complications from lung cancer in February. He is widely considered to have helped revolutionize investment banking in Australia and was one of the founding directors of Macquarie Bank in 1984. Features of the property include a horse paddock to the east of the house with a blocade ; an irrigated croquet lawn; fruit trees / orchard, herbs and vegetable patch; and a large shed with rolling doors and entrance door. An avid player of the game, the croquet pitch is one of Milan’s favorite elements. “When the croquet lawn ended we had the grand opening of the croquet lawn and everyone was wearing period costume,” she said. “I used to say, until we redo the house, ‘we have a croquet pitch with an attached house,'” she said with a laugh. “But now the croquet lawn has the home it deserves.” She said her “pride and joy” was the wood-fired oven on the deck. Read more: Real estate suburb in the spotlight: Jamberoo Before Mr Caldon’s death, the couple split their time between Sydney and London to run their television business. “We really weren’t using it,” she said of the Jamberoo House. “We had talked about selling it, but we certainly hadn’t followed through.” Having since decided to sell, Milan said she would be sad to part with the property. “We had an incredible time there,” she said. “We had amazing parties. I celebrated my 60th birthday there.“ And yet it is a lovely and quiet place. ”This weekend, the furniture, linens, appliances, games and books are available for negotiation after the sale. Outdoor equipment including the riding lawn mower and gardening equipment is also negotiable. Sales agent Angie De Battista of Ray White Kiama said it was rare to find an area of ​​this size that is manageable for a family to live in, or to continue to function as a successful vacation home. “The tranquility is incredible and the property so private,” she said. Lyndey and the late John Caldon I have had many requests over the years to facilitate weddings, and there is certainly potential to do so. “


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