Find comfort and adventure in McKinney, Texas Hobbit Airbnb

Want to travel to Middle-earth and experience the Hobbit life without leaving the great state of Texas? Well, you’re in luck my precious, because a unique Airbnb in McKinney, TX will have you living like Bilbo Baggins.

This Airbnb is straight out of the pages of JRR Tolkien the Lord of the Rings.

Welcome to Middle, Texas

You might have to go to New Zealand for real, but check out this unique Airbnb just a short drive from Dallas in McKinney, TX — or Central Texas, if you prefer.

Specifically built for two and a perfect home for those looking to live the Hobbit lifestyle, this Airbnb is for anyone looking to leave the hustle and bustle of modern life behind for a weekend getaway.

Hobbit house

To live the Hobbit lifestyle, you must also remember that this Hobbit house may have quite low ceilings in places. Most of the space offers ceilings of six feet or more, but that would be high enough even for Bilbo Baggins himself, so some of the ceilings can be as low as five feet six inches in places.

Other features include a hand-welded round door, round handmade bed, custom bathroom, shelves and decorated entryway and custom landscaped patio.

Reserve now

Sounds like a fun place to stay, right? Reviews are excellent with a satisfaction rating of 4.97 from previous customers. You’ll need to plan ahead, as there are only sporadic days available in 2022, so make your reservations now for 2023.

Let’s take a look inside. Who knows? This could be the start of an adventure!

This Texas Hobbit House Airbnb Is A Perfect Weekend Getaway Spot

For decades people have dreamed of escaping to the Shire and relaxing in the comfort of Bag End. Imagine sitting by the fire with Bilbo, Frodo, Sam and Gandalf and enjoying a pipe from Old Toby with a bottle of Old Winyards.

While you can’t recite ancient elves and open a mysterious door to Middle-earth, you can stay in a cozy hobbit hole right here in Texas. This Airbnb Hobbit House is a great place to put your feet up (hairy or not) and enjoy some lazy downtime, but be sure to show some dwarf courtesy and do the dishes afterwards, huh?

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