Five Exotic, Sexy, and Fun Adult Airbnbs near South Jersey

If you’re looking for a fun couples-only getaway to ignite the flames in your relationship, I think we’ve got some sexy, exotic, and fun adult Airbnbs to consider.

What makes these Airbnbs different?

These five Airbnb rentals all target the adult couple market. For some, it’s a way to stand out and grab attention. For others, it’s more of a practical matter. These are smaller spaces that will only occupy two people. Either way, these rentals have qualities that match what a couple looking for a fun or adventurous getaway has in mind.

Where are those exotic and fun Airbnbs couples?

Two are in South Jersey; one in Cape May and the other in Long Beach Island. Two more are in Philadelphia and the last is in the Poconos. The Poconos Airbnb is about 2.5 hours from Atlantic City. This rental is the farthest road from South Jersey.

How “exotic and sexy” are they?

Ha-ha. It’s up to you to find out, you idiot! Honestly, I’ve never stayed at any of these hotels, but they all come highly recommended by people who have. A few properties really play this angle. The thing with that is that you two are the only ones there, so it won’t be any more exotic than you’d like.

Take a look at the photos of Airbnbs in this gallery. and see for yourself. Have fun!

Five Exotic, Sexy, and Fun Adult Airbnbs near South Jersey

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