Flight cancellations destroy dream vacation in Hawaii | National

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HAWAII (KITV) — A vacation to Hawaii is a fantasy for many who haven’t been to the islands. But flight cancellations have prevented some visitors from getting their wish.

For Shaunte Brown’s family, their flight from Southwest San Diego to Oahu was canceled on Monday – so they couldn’t fulfill their long-held dream of coming to the islands.

“I feel like my dream was ripped from me…I try not to get too emotional,” Brown says. “It’s really frustrating. Not having airline support, not having hotel support. Money hasn’t been growing on trees for a few years.”

Shaunte, her husband Marvin and their 3 children have no money to book on another airline and they have 5 in their family. Also, their travel company is asking their hotel for a refund of almost $3,000 for a 5 night stay.

For Jaylyn Suppah and her 2 children, bad weather forced the cancellation of their Alaska Airlines return flight to Oregon on Saturday. They had to stay 5 extra days on Oahu before they could return home and they stayed at 4 Airbnbs and 2 hotels during their 15 day extended vacation.

Jaylyn Suppah; Visitor from Oregon, “Having to jump from an air bnb to a hotel then an air bnb and keep moving was really stressful and exhausting having to be out at 10am and then having to be there all day until 4 hours to enter the next Airbnb.

In total, the extra 5 days added nearly $2,500 to Jaylyn’s vacation costs. Also, the family had planned to be home for Christmas. But Jaylyn says if you have to be stuck anywhere, the islands are the best place to be. They also plan to return to Hawaii – next holiday season.

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