Florida condo inspired by Disney’s haunted mansion scares buyer

Nothing really happens at night in this particular condo in the market near Walt Disney World.

But the spooky interiors seem sure something scary could happen.

This is precisely the draw of this apartment.

“It’s used like Airbnb, and it’s pretty much a replica of Disney’s haunted mansion, literally from the wallpaper to the decor and the lighting. The condo owner has really gone out of their way to try to find replicas of what he would see in the haunted mansion,” says the listing agent. Karrie Coggeshallwith HomeExperts Realty.

Mission very accomplished!

Dining room




spooky fun

The current price for the 1,227 square foot condo in Davenport, Florida, was $260,000 about a month ago. And just in time for Halloween, the spooky and fun pad is already pending sale.

“This one certainly got a lot of interest when people were looking just because of the uniqueness of the property inside and the attention to detail it had with everything. It’s a fun place to stay. I stayed here one night, and it’s just super cool,” says Coggeshall.





The three-bed, two-bath condo is just outside the Disney hallway, in a community full of short-term rentals and vacation-style amenities.

“It’s literally 15 minutes from all your major city parks Orlando, and you’re on the edge, so you’re not quite stuck in all that congestion and traffic,” she explains. “It’s family friendly and has all kinds of amenities you can think of.”

The seller is used to creating cool rentals and sells this one so he can move on to other projects.

“She’s a big Disney fan to begin with, and Haunted Mansion is one of her favorite attractions,” Coggeshall said.

“She had another Airbnb that was a ‘Friends’ theme that also made headlines when she went to sell that property. Literally, she made it look like the ‘Friends’ apartment. I mean, it was crazy.

Attention to detail

For this condo, the owner searched online for items like wallpaper and lighting that resemble rooms in the haunted mansion, Coggeshall says.

“The pictures in the master bedroom are what you would see in the main entrance entering the haunted mansion. She spends a lot of time looking for something that is, if not exact, then extremely similar to what you would see at attraction,” says Coggeshall.

Lounge and dining area


While the props create a sense of dread, the ghosts don’t actually live here.

“It’s fearless. It’s whatever your imagination wants it to be,” Coggeshall says with a laugh. “She has different spotlights in there and stuff that will manifest appearances and so on, but that’s about it. There are no hauntings.

Outdoor space


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