Florida Governor to Celebrate Diwali at Governor’s Mansion on October 26

DeSantis’ first live virtual rally hosted by Native American community leader Danny Gaekwad drew over 100,000 viewers

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who started the tradition of celebrating Diwali with the Native American community at the Governor’s Mansion when he became governor in 2019, will do so again on Oct. 26.

“We had a massive crowd coming to (state capital) Tallahassee,” DeSantis, who is running for re-election, recalled at a live virtual rally hosted by Indian-American entrepreneur and community leader Danny Gaekwad on October 20.

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“Most people were from other parts of the state. It was a long trip, but they made it and so we were happy to start the tradition,” he said. “Covid has interrupted that a bit, but we said we’re definitely going to stay the course, so we’re looking forward to that.”

DeSantis’ First Live Virtual Gathering Held on Community Digital Tech’we have to meet‘ attracted more than 100,000 viewers. People who missed the rally live can now watch it on this link: https://wemustmeet.com/governor-ron-desantis/

American singer and Hollywood actress Mary Millben, who is an American dream story and a brand rooted in God, sang the national anthems of America and India at the virtual gathering.

DeSantis, who faces Democratic nominee Charlie Crist in the Nov. 8 gubernatorial election, said he’s “really looking forward to continuing the success in Florida.”

Noting that Florida today has the second-lowest unemployment rate and largest budget surplus in state history, the governor said he would continue to focus on education at 12 colleges in Florida. ‘State.

The Republican leader, who is seen as a frontrunner for the GOP nomination for president in 2024, also answered questions about American Indian issues in a discussion moderated by Gaekwad.

In response to a question about how it could help small hotel owners protect their investment, earn a living, and keep their staff members employed in the face of stiff competition from Airbnb vacation rentals that don’t have to track ADA compliance, licensing authorization, taxation and inspection standards, DeSantis said the issue is pending before the next legislative session.

“There are a lot of issues and it’s just not the same as a standard hotel and so there are a lot of people talking about it and I’m sure you’re going to see at least some sort of address by the Florida Legislature,” he said.

Asked how the Asian American Hotel Owners Association and the Indian-American business community can support his tireless efforts to deal with the hurricane recovery, DeSantis said hotels can play an important role in efforts to provide temporary housing.

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They could also contribute to the Florida disaster fund run by the state’s first lady, which has already raised $46 million. “This money was used to help displaced people. We started with the police and the fire brigade. We are going to do things for teachers as well as for the wider community,” he said. “It’s one way you can be helpful if you want to do the charity angle.”

Asked about the education policies – a matter of great interest to Indian American parents – that he had put in place, the governor said: “Of course in the State of Florida we believe in an education High quality. We also think it should be accessible to people.

“I’m not a big fan of kids having to go into $100,000 debt to graduate in four years. If you go to MIT and become an engineer, you’ll be fine. But there are plenty of fourth-tier private colleges that charge for one arm and one leg.

“So I haven’t let our universities raise tuition fees since I’ve been governor. If you’re in Florida, it’s around $6200 for tuition. And we have brilliant scholarships that you can pay all or most of it with.

“And we also have a lot of elderly people. Grandparents can qualify on behalf of their grandchildren for Florida State tuition. We believe it should be affordable. We think it should be of high quality,”

“Just now, the University of Florida has just reached the fifth place of public universities in the country. So you have UCLA, Berkeley Michigan, Virginia, and then the University of Florida. This was not true 25 years ago. So we love the progress we’re making academically,” DeSantis said.

Noting that there is a major shortage of physicians in the state and nation as evidenced by the pandemic, Gaekwad asked on behalf of American Indian physicians how 10,000 or more residency slots can be created with a pathway of alternative license to allow them to work legally and take care of citizens.

“Well, that’s been a problem because, you know, Flordia has slots for higher medical education and there’s a federal component to that where they basically limit what you can do,” DeSantis said.

“We can potentially do some of our own stuff regardless of that, but of those available slots are way below what’s needed in a growing state and in fact we have people graduating from medical school from Flordia who can’t get residency so they end up going to other states,” he said.

“And we know that once you go to another state for your residency, the chances of you coming back go down significantly, so there’s definitely a need for more residency slots. I’m working with different groups of doctors and hospitals to come up with solutions that I think the legislature will come up with in future sessions of the legislature,” DeSantis said.

Noting that India had become the 5th largest economy, having overtaken the British economy last month, Gaekwad asked if the governor would consider opening a corporate office in Florida in India to start cultural, educational and commercial in a considerable way.

“Yeah, so I think I actually talked about once we got into the selection, doing a trade mission to some of our allies in Asia,” DesSantis said.

“And I think that’s important because if you look at China, we have an incentive, as the United States, to work with countries like India and Japan, Australia, South Korea , to have an economical alternative to feeding the Chinese beast,” he said. . “So I think India is a big part of that and I think we could have more trade ties with Florida and India.”

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