For Rent On Craigslist: Post Advertises Vancouver Bathroom As “Micro Studio”

VANCOUVER – Bedroom and bathroom counts are common on real estate listings, but a poster from Craigslist took a different approach.

The bedroom and the bathroom are one.

The listing, which has since been deleted, describes the rental unit as a “newly renovated micro studio” in Vancouver’s West End.

At just 160 square feet, “mic” isn’t necessarily inaccurate, although “studio” is questionable. The post shows what appears to be a large bathroom with a bed inside.

According to the Craigslist post, the “furnished apartment” is located on Barclay and Bute streets and is non-smoking. There is laundry facilities in the building and off street parking, the future owner wrote.

For $ 680 per month, the successful candidate would find themselves in a space with, according to registration, a granite finish, storage space, a hot plate, a bed, a mini fridge, a large window and a brand new floor. porcelain. Not to mention a limited walk to another porcelain item – the toilet – which is a short distance and in plain view of the bed.

The listing suggests that the tenant would be on a three-month lease, with the option to extend. Animals are not allowed and there is no kitchen.

“This unit is ideal for a single person who is looking to live downtown affordably and does not need a lot of space,” the owner wrote, adding that the unit is available August 1st. or before.

The list may make some laugh, but it is also a reflection of the real estate situation in a city where affordable housing is hard to come by.

A June report from rental site PadMapper showed that the median rent for new one-bedroom listings in Vancouver was $ 1,950.

And it’s not much cheaper to rent in municipalities outside the city. Burnaby was Canada’s third most expensive city last month, according to PadMapper, with one-bedroom unit owners looking for a median of $ 1,700 per month.

The site did not provide data on the median of studios – “micro” or otherwise – but in a region with a vacancy rate that often hovers around 1%, we can deduce that it is above 680 $ for most new listings.

The most recent data from Statistics Canada suggests that the median household income for a person not in a census family, a category that includes people living alone, is only $ 30,540 in the city of Vancouver.

Taking into account job losses due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that some may resort to a bathroom-bedroom combination.

Vancouver Craigslist Post

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