“Forever, Soft, & Brave”: LOONY from Toronto is intimate and unfiltered in second EP “soft thing”

Soft, tender and intimate without compromise, LOONY’s second EP “soft thing” is a moving cinematic experience: a journey into the depths of ourselves.
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Swet, tender and uncompromising, LOONY’s second EP is a moving cinematic experience: a journey into the depths of ourselves. An alternative R&B / neo-soul immersion that smolders, the lively and the vulnerable sweet thing captures an exposed heart and soul as LOONY gives it everything for a record – abiding in light, heat and love, darkness, cold and pain – and gives her everything every moment of dynamic passion and without compromise.

sweet thing – LOONY
Yeah when I wake up
I’m not afraid to show initiative, mmm
You don’t make me feel like nobody else, no
Just myself, yeah
Yeah, when we wake up
Not a drop of alcohol or, mmm, makeup
I know you don’t want nobody else, no
Just myself, yeah
Lights can shine brighter at night
But I can’t see nothing that I love
The night we don’t need to hide
I love you the most in the light of day
Let me see baby
See you soon for all that you are
I just want you believed, believed
Let me see baby
Need you for who you are
I just want you believed, believed

Release June 24, 2021, sweet thing is a beautiful outpouring of heart on the sleeve. The sequel to last year’s debut EP JOYRIDE discovers that LOONY doubles up as itself while exposing a wealth of deep emotions to the world. Described as “eight jazzy and hard-hitting musical captures of her pandemic state of mind,” the EP embraces love in all its forms, exploring everything from family and friendship to romance and beyond.

The Toronto artist, née Kira Huszar, was quarantined along with her friends / production crew Adam Pondang and Akeel Henry at several Airbnbs around Scarborough, Huszar’s hometown, in order to write and write. record a record that, in truth, talks about the emotions we all share as humans – even if some of us push them away or cover them up from time to time.

I feel like I have to do it today
Cross the street, don’t look both ways
I dodge them all
Like a weekday I tried to get around it
But it’s not like I …
Think of you like always
You just fill a little space in an empty brain
I go over what I might say, I
I don’t want to complicate, it’s not like I …
Feel deeply about it, or
Seriously about it
It’s not like I …
I like you
It’s not like I … I like you
So be cool, jhave to be cool

“I finally decided that I wanted to take the listener on an experience – a very simple and familiar experience,” says LOONY. Atwood Magazine. “I broke down and recounted the stages of a relationship, in a way that felt real to me. I’ve always loved storytelling, so I really got into creating a concept piece. I’ve also always loved exploring the simple or the mundane, and while love is anything but ordinary, I think the feelings we get when we love someone else, or others, are very common and daily.

“Initially, I had no vision on this subject,” she adds. “Everything I did back then seemed so different from what I usually did. I couldn’t be called upon to write anything smooth, cool, or ruthless. One of my producers made fun of me a lot before this project, saying that I only write depressing songs and never like songs. And man, all of a sudden I couldn’t help myself, I just started writing all this sweet stuff. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve often been isolated from the people I love over the last year, or if everything was so heavy around me that I had to lean into the stuff more light, the stuff that got me through the day, but it just happened and then I was inspired to somehow weave those feelings into a story. And then I had to decide exactly how I wanted the story to unfold. “

“This project is an amalgamation of all the sweet and intangible feelings that govern our inner worlds. Sometimes we don’t give it enough credit, or at least I don’t. I’m a little ashamed of it, or I try to pretend it’s not there. As if he wasn’t behind a lot of my actions, when he totally is. sweet thing as a title almost sounds a bit brutal, a bit silly, a bit vague, and that’s okay.

© 2021
© 2021

It’s LOONY at its heart: honest and visceral, visual and expressive.

An array of sounds from across the sound spectrum – most falling into the R&B and neo-soul genres – help her express these innermost feelings with harmonious beauty and grace. “I think it’s just a bit of the chaos,” she smiles, “and an attempt to organize the chaos. Personally, I don’t think one song on this project sounds too much like the other, but it does. always seems consistent, and I like it.

While it is best to listen to it in a 25 minute setting, sweet thing certainly has its share of strengths for artist and listener. “It’s funny, because the two songs where my favorite lyrics are are also my favorite songs,” she says. “I think ‘raw’ and ‘faceless’ are my favorites. “begging” has another special place in my heart, however. “

From the soft and moving vibrations of the opener “beg” – a mood maker, if there is one – to the breathtaking and exceptional performances on the breathtaking “raw” and the cool and groovy “be cool”, through the closest to the “faceless” EP sweet thing makes a memorable and lasting impression. Chicago-based rapper Mick Jenkins and New Orleans rapper and musician Pell’s additions to “Royal Flush” and “Mine” respectively add to the nuance and theatricality of the record and help broaden the scope of the record. art of LOONY, but in the end it is the artist’s vocal work, his lyrics and the wide open-minded instrumental palette of his team that makes sweet thing an ultimate triumph.

And I, I won’t beg
This pride here just settled in a bit
A little different
And I won’t beg, no
Something in my DNA
No, just won’t allow it
And I won’t beg
Dream too much
And I don’t wanna put that on you
No I, don’t beg
In case it’s all in my head
And I won’t beg
Because this pride here comes from building up a
A little different
And I won’t beg, no
Something in my DNA
No, I won’t allow it, no
And I won’t beg
Dream too much
And now I have to put this on you
No I, don’t beg
In case it’s all in my head

LOONY focuses on some lyrical highlights from his aforementioned favorites: “I think some lyrics that felt very real to me were in the second verse of ‘gross’:”i had an eye for it / i had time for it / i was taught how to save my whole life, now i can’t afford it / i was taught it was dirty when it was the purest / yeah they told us what was ugly they start wars”- that sort of encompassed the way I had always grown up thinking about beauty, attraction and sex. I think another favorite is in “faceless”: “every life / i will know you in this familiar way / every life / i could recognize you in a faceless place / like when the day comes out my window i will feel you there / and oh it’s so good to you know baby.“It reflects the kind of permanence of love that was on my mind at the time.”

sweet thing encompasses moments of phenomenal depth, passion, connection and isolation.

It’s a beautiful, contemplative and dynamic indulgence – and one that leaves us craving more.

“I found myself re-evaluating what’s important to me,” LOONY says of her album. “Being isolated from people makes you think more about your relationships. It has been a difficult and very strange year and in many ways I have been forced to be more vulnerable than ever. sweet thing is symbolic of that.

“I just hope some people feel seen,” she shares. “That they can hear it, and it can remind them of a feeling they’ve already had. Or, he can take them out from where they are and take them somewhere else. I think what I got from its creation and release is a more favorable view of vulnerability, or whatever feels right at that point. It’s worth investigating our feelings and then doing something about it. Glad to have this in the world and to move on to something new.

Check out the full dossier via our feed below and take a peek inside LOONY sweet thing EP with Atwood Magazine as the artist takes us on a visual journey track by track through his EP!

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Flux: “sweet thing” – LOONY

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Royal flush

be cool




on each side

without a face

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sweet thing - LOONY

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