Former Marine Pen Farthing pledges not to leave Afghanistan without colleagues and animals

Former Royal Marine Paul “Pen” Farthing said he had been “cut off by the Defense Ministry” and “left to fend for himself in Afghanistan” – but he vowed not to leave the country so much. that his colleagues and his animals will not be able to go out safely.

An animal lover, Mr. Farthing is originally from Essex but served in Afghanistan in 2006 with 42 Commando Plymouth.

While serving in a difficult period of service, which tragically saw two of his fellow Royal Marines lose their lives and five others sustain serious injuries, Pen encountered a fighting dog called “Nowzad” (named after the town where he lived).

He then started a “Nowzad Dogs” charity in 2013 while living in Exmouth to reunite the military with the dogs and cats they befriended while on tours in Afghanistan.

To summarize: Ex Royal Marine Pen Farthing claims he was left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan

Speaking to Sky News on Tuesday morning, Mr Farthing said he prefers to wait to leave Kabul with his colleagues from Nowzad and their animals, than to leave now.

“We have a flight and we said ‘we’ll wait’ you just have to give us that call sign so that we can actually put it into play, we can get the airlines to actually start the plans. flight and then we’re going to sit quite happy and wait, ”he said.

“We have a plane that we have to put 69 people on, it has a capacity of 250 people – and that cargo hold will be empty.

“I can’t put people in a cargo hold, but I can put my animals in that cargo hold. Animals like Ewok.

“And there will be absolutely no commitment from the British Army to help me do it, I just need this [permission] number.”

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He continued: “And also, I want to point out that although the Prime Minister has indeed given and stated that our staff have obtained their visas to travel to England, I have absolutely no confirmation – nothing in writing.

“So if I am stopped at a Taliban checkpoint, they will turn around and he absolutely knows that I am not leaving here without my staff.

“So I won’t just go to the airport and take a plane [sic] just to make his problem go away – that won’t happen. “

Mr Farthing’s interview with Sky News has been liked on Twitter over 2,000 times and people across the UK have expressed anger at Defense Secretary Ben Wallace’s comments that Mr Farthing should drop out colleagues and animals and leave Kabul.

Animal welfare activist Dominic Dyer said: “I’ll be on GB News at 11:30 am [on Tuesday] to respond [to] Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that Pen Farthing and I were talking about b * llocks and that Pen should kill his dogs and cats and leave his staff to the Taliban while he flees Kabul. Plug in will be dynamite. “

TV presenter and ‘Doggy People’ host Phil Lassman added, “You can’t write what is going on! Pen Farthing is one of the most genuine and kindest humans I have ever met.

“Passionate about people and animals in equal measure. He’s only in the media to stand up for what’s right. Keep calling out the government to save rescuers, not cars!”

More locally, former Devon and Cornwall Police Sergeant Harry Tangye shared a snippet of Mr Farthing’s interview with Sky News and said: “The selflessness of some people impresses me so much. Thank you.”

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