Four forest massifs closed in the Var in the face of fire risks

To prevent forest fires, the Var prefecture prohibits access to four massifs this Tuesday, July 5. A situation likely to evolve according to the risks.

Four forests are closed in the Var this Tuesday, July 5. These are the Haut-Var, central Var, Maures and Sainte-Baume massifs.

Access to wooded areas is prohibited: “He it is not allowed to go for a walk, to smoke, to do wild camping, fires or even circulars on certain routes marked with a panel“, specifies the prefecture of Var.

Work is also prohibited in these areas, in particular the use of a chainsaw or brush cutter. Anything that can cause sparks“and therefore cause a fire to start, recalls the prefecture.

These closures are decided on a daily basis, with information from Météo France, depending on humidity, drought and the risk of fire. Every day, before 7 p.m., a map is updated by the Var prefecture.

“It’s the arrival of the westerly wind that changes the situation and the level of risk”, explained to Var-matin the commander Delphine Vienco, of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service. Especially since thehe heavy rains of last week did little to water the west of the Var.

The ban may be extended to other massifs depending on the evolution of the situation.

Nine out of ten forest fires are of human origin.

The firefighters are once again calling for caution: do not throw cigarette butts out of your car window, do not light a fire or barbecue near forests and respect the bans on access to certain areas.

In August 2021, a fire in the Var devastated 7,100 hectares, or almost half of the Plaine des Maures National Nature Reserve.

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